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Ghada Tabia, age 22, born in Bizerte, Tunisia, grew up as a scout girl, later become a scout’s leader, practiced music, painting , acting, as well as writing play scripts, poetry and speeches. Had an exciting childhood. Graduating high school with honors, I then chose to seek a more intellectually fulfilling career. Thus moved to the city of Tunis to get a bachelor degree in English language, literature and civilization. Meanwhile, I seized every moment, I had to expend and engage, I therefore, specialized in Translation. Mastering Arabic, French and English, I started training in International Translation Services Bureau. Getting into my second year, I sought to Freelance Translation and thus get a chance to get more involved in social engagements. Hence, I joined AISEC, participated in an English communication skills training. Afterwards, I joined United College Association where I thrived in Events’ documentation and planning, as well as teaching English communication classes within the educational program; adding to that I was beholding the position of International Relations Representative.

Furthermore, and besides all that, I had this ongoing practice of English teaching, which I thoroughly enjoy. I henceforth, have been Teaching private classes for as long as I can remember. Yet at that point and with the break of 2014, I thus sought to put my passion into use, that’s when I was invited to join ADRA JOBS (an American organization) where a new section was created for me, a section in which I trained new graduates on skills of employability through enhancing their knowledge of foreign languages, mainly English, and enhancing their communication and public speaking skills.

Besides being a student and a productive teacher. I was and still am a constant member of the American corner cultural center in which I attended club meetings, participated in workshops, writings, organized events, for nearly four years now; Yet most importantly , for the second year on a raw, I held the position of president of the Tunisian International Model United Nations Club (TIMUN) with which I committed to holding meetings, conducting elections, managing trainings and working on several projects , mainly “the religious tolerance program” that we’ve come to develop.

A student still, through the journey, I’ve grown and learned much to notice, yet there was a stage for me to seek knowledge and experience in an era where getting a full time commitment was a must. I therefore, and with the beginning of August 2014 started working at a British company, exploring sales and marketing business department. In which I’m still currently evolving.

Now to be honest, all of this have been both an asset as well as a liability, for it all gave me the knowledge, the experience and the inspiration to write, it also drained my writing time to a minimum rate. Still, I always find a way to sneak out time and write. Yet there is a story behind that. If there is anything I’ve learned through all this, is that: there is always a story, henceforth here I’m joining “WSI Mag” to share mine.

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