Pedro Vergara Meersohn
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Pedro Vergara Meersohn

Born in Chile, where he was among the leaders of the revolutionary student movement, he was forced to flee the country immediately after the 1973 military coup at just 17 years of age. His forced exile took him first to Argentina, where he remained for 8 months, and then to Denmark, where he lived for the next 16 years, studying extensively in the field of psychology and ultimately concentrating on research projects.

Then came the move to Italy. Here, he has worked with foreign languages and translation for more than 25 years. He has travelled extensively and lived in several different countries. An avid writer of poetry for many years, he also takes an interest in a wide range of topics and is the author of numerous short articles published online. Passionately interested in communication, he's aware of the many pitfalls it conceals in terms of crossed lines and misunderstandings. He claims that human essence is encapsulated in the feelings, in the emotions, and in the ability to reflect, which is all too often quite impossible to control, leaving our inner world populated by phantoms, shadows, and illusions so that the only remaining path of self-awareness is to return to the past and search within until encountering a penumbrous light that reveals a momentary truth radiating out from a myriad of unsustainable reflections.

In this context of retrospective construction and contemplation, poetry assumes a core role as a medium of communication that can transcend the word and connect directly to images and feelings. Here, words become subordinate and are transformed into tools wielded by the emotions and by an intuitive reasoning that reaches beyond the rational and our logically constructed daily exchanges, shrouded within the silence wherein everything begins and everything ends.

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