Danilo Đikanović
Joined Meer in August 2023
Danilo Đikanović

Driven by an unwavering commitment to advancing global progress, my diverse journey has been defined by roles that foster digital transformation and sustainable development. As a researcher at the United Nations University in Portugal, I am immersed in the intricate realms of digital diplomacy, cybersecurity, and governance models. This involvement empowers me to spearhead collaborative digital governance initiatives across Europe, while my insights have been instrumental in shaping GovTech export strategies and elevating digital service delivery on an international scale.

My journey extends to the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) HQ office in New York City, where my contributions as a Blue Peace Initiative consultant were aimed at assessing water basin financing readiness and architecting strategic frameworks for its sustainable management. In this context, the primary objective of my work endeavor was to foster peacebuilding efforts, with a particular emphasis on Western Africa, the Central African Lakes region, and the Horn of Africa. This was reflected in the update of the Blue Peace Index and the creation of a new measurement with a focus on development finance, namely the Blue Peace Financing Index.

Simultaneously, my role within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has allowed me to leverage my analytical acumen as a National Consultant. Here, I played a pivotal role in managing, dissecting, and utilizing data related to employment, social protection, and poverty, ultimately contributing to informed decision-making. My active engagement in advising on poverty reduction strategies and labor market activation serves as a testament to my resolute dedication to fostering equitable growth and positive change. This is reinforced by my systematic assessment and evaluation of digital literacy within the context of Montenegro, with a specific focus on its dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My commitment to evidence-based practices was exemplified during my tenure as the UNDP consultant for the Statistical Office of Montenegro, where I championed robust decision-making by pioneering data strategies for conducting the first register-based population census in Montenegro. Furthermore, my role as a Business Cluster Agent with UNIDO office in Vienna underscored my dedication to fostering innovation and resource mobilization, by supporting the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprizes through brand development, export advice and commercial network building.

As an avid scholar, my academic journey led me to acquire a PhD in economic diplomacy at the United Nations University for Peace, a step that further aligns my expertise with the global imperatives of our time. Commencing in January 2024, my professional responsibilities will transition to Geneva, where I will be engaging in a role with the World Trade Organization within the Accessions Division.

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