Sudhansu Ranjan
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Sudhansu Ranjan

On a wintry night, amidst the encompassing fog of my college campus, I realized the profound connection between our true selves and the environments we inhabit. Inspired by this revelation, I asked my friend to capture my thoughts in a series of photographs. Against a backdrop of darkness and mist, I stood as a bald figure, surrounded by two steadfast trees. The enigmatic silhouette spoke volumes, devoid of specific details. As the series unfolded, I transformed, turning and facing the camera, symbolizing the fluid nature of our identities. These haunting images reflect the different personas we assume in various surroundings, each encounter shaping the ever-evolving tapestry of our existence.

Since childhood, my longing to remain invisible coexisted with an inner desire for expression. Art became my sanctuary, where words and imagery intertwined, allowing me to manifest the unseen and explore the enigmatic depths of existence. Photography froze intriguing moments, but I discovered that true magic lay in capturing the essence and mystery behind the scenes. This shaped my unique style, using light, shadow, and composition to unveil hidden narratives and evoke curiosity. Writing became my cherished outlet, delving beyond the surface to unravel complexities and communicate profound meanings. It bridges imagination and reality, translating visualizations into tangible expressions.

In my early years, a world of diverse interests captivated me. It all started with archery, honing my focus and precision. Swimming soon followed, pushing my boundaries and exploring breath control. Intrigued by tribal tattoos, I discovered the art of pinstriping on cars and bikes. While riding my father's Royal Enfield brought joy, I craved uniqueness. Thus, I delved into bike building, even trying my hand at airbrushing, adorning my helmet with vibrant designs.

These childhood passions became the fertile ground where my curiosity flourished, shaping my creative perspective. From the precision of archery to the allure of tattoos and the thrill of bike building, each interest left an indelible mark, fuelling my lifelong journey of exploration and self-expression.

In my evenings, the kitchen became my sanctuary. Taking charge of snacks for my brother and me, I discovered the joy of adding an artistic touch to simple dishes. This sparked a profound passion for the culinary arts. Fuelled by my love for flavours and the desire to create culinary symphonies, I pursued a path in hotel management. The dream of becoming a chef beckoned, promising mastery and the ability to bring joy through food. Along the way, I celebrated milestones and encountered unforgettable experiences that intensified my ambition.

Growing up, I learned the value of financial prudence. With a fixed pocket money, I aimed to surpass the limitations of a middle-class lifestyle. Through diligent saving and investing in gold, I unknowingly prepared myself for the challenges ahead. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, bringing uncertainty and financial difficulties, my unconventional path came to the rescue. With diminishing hope, I turned to my investment profits and ventured into stock trading. The adaptability and resilience I gained on my journey helped me navigate the volatile markets, finding opportunities amidst the chaos. This unexpected foray not only provided a lifeline during the pandemic but also shaped my perspectives and choices. It taught me the importance of calculated risks, seizing opportunities, and remaining adaptable in the face of adversity. This unique experience expanded my horizons and strengthened my belief in life's boundless possibilities.

My journey of self-discovery has led me to a profound realization - that every thought, every imagination holds its own worth and deserves to be shared. With newfound maturity, I have come to understand the power of self-expression and the significance of opening up my inner world to others. Through my writings, I strive to provide readers with a glimpse into the depths of my mind, sharing not only what I think but also what I imagine.

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