Here's a thought to mull over with your morning coffee or during your evening unwind: would you consider yourself truly rich if you could command time or possess every material thing your heart ever longed for? It's a tantalizing question, isn't it? We're often torn between the pursuit of tangible assets and the yearning for endless moments.

Picture this: if we had unlimited time, we could learn every skill, try every job, and eventually, we'd probably strike gold, right? Well, here's the hiccup in that fantasy—our time on this blue planet is as limited as a slice of cake at a birthday party. That brings us to our second perspective: owning everything. But hang on, before you start picturing every Amazon warehouse combined, let's redefine "everything." It's not about a global shopping spree; it's about what lights up your world.

Understanding wealth beyond time

Imagine having an eternal hourglass, never running out of sand—sounds dreamy. With infinite time, you could become the Beethoven of music, the Shakespeare of literature, and the Elon Musk of innovation, all rolled into one. But here's the reality check: our lives are more like a Snapchat story, bound to disappear (though hopefully not as quickly). So, we pivot. Instead of chasing eternity, let's focus on making our moments count and understanding how wealth really works when you can't hit the snooze button forever.

Defining "everything" in your life

Now, let's play a game of personal 'Everything or Nothing.' What's in your “everything” basket? A mansion, fast cars, a personal chef who makes pizza healthy? Here's a twist: as our lives evolve, our baskets change. Once upon a time, a luxury might've been a second helping of dessert. Now, it might be a second phone. But being rich—truly rich—is about a basket full of what fulfills us, not what fills up our houses.

The shifting scale of needs and wants

Our needs and wants are as fickle as the weather in April. What's your raincoat today could be your swimming shorts tomorrow. Let's talk about those top dogs with two phones. For them, it's not a flashy flex; it's their office in their pocket. But the moment you find yourself wanting two phones to feel like a big shot, stop. Wealth isn't about owning two of everything; it's knowing what's your umbrella in a storm and what's just taking up space in your closet.

The illusion of material ownership

Ever heard someone say, "He who dies with the most toys wins"? Spoiler alert: they're wrong. Owning stuff is like trying to fill a backpack for a hike with every rock you find pretty. Eventually, it's just going to weigh you down. True wealth isn't about stuff; it's about stories—the laughter, the memories, the 'you had to be there' moments. Those are the gems that don't end up in a yard sale.

How to own "everything" that matters to you

Here's how to start owning your everything. First, do a little soul-searching. What makes you tick? What keeps you up at night in excitement? Prioritize that. Learn the art of saying 'no' to the fluff. It's like decluttering your attic; it's not about throwing everything away, it's about keeping what matters.

The singular value of rarity

Think about the car enthusiast who cherishes that one vintage Mustang over a showroom full of shiny new models. It's not about the quantity, it's the quality and the connection. That's where rarity shines. It's not about how much you own, but how much what you own means to you.

Living richly within your means

The trick to living richly without a money tree is simple: budget like you're on a road trip with limited gas stations. Spend wisely, invest with a keen eye, and remember, the best things in life aren't things—they're experiences, relationships, and the satisfaction of a life well-lived. Richness is waking up with zero regrets and a wealth of memories.


We've journeyed through the real essence of wealth, beyond the bank account and into the heart of what makes life truly rich. Remember, richness isn't about an overstuffed garage; it's the joy in your heart when you're doing what you love, with who you love. I'll leave you with this nugget to chew on: If wealth isn't measured by the weight of your wallet but the weight of your happiness, how rich are you, really?

Now go ahead, redefine your “rich”, and live a life as priceless as your dreams.