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Sofia Bochoidze

Introducing Sofia, Communications Specialist and a Passionate Author Amplifying Voices and Empowering Women.

Welcome to the captivating world of Sofia, with an unwavering commitment to sharing powerful stories and exploring diverse cultural landscapes. Hailing from the vibrant country of Georgia, with an impressive educational background that includes a bachelor's degree in Critic of Comparative Art, a master's degree in PR & Communications, and the recent completion of the executive master’s program in International Marketing at the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, Sofia combines her expertise and a wealth of life experiences to captivate readers around the globe.

As a dedicated mother of two exceptional children, Helen and George, and a loving wife, Sofia embraces the joys and challenges of family life, infusing her work with a deep sense of compassion and empathy. Her ability to strike a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life shines through in every captivating word she writes.

Sofia's journey into the realm of literature began at a young age, as she discovered her passion for storytelling and the written word. Even during her student years, she displayed remarkable talent, participating in a student scientific conference and receiving well-deserved recognition for her contributions. Fueling her insatiable desire to express herself, she began writing for a university magazine, honing her craft and gaining valuable insights into the world of journalism.

During her time in Dubai, UAE, she immersed herself in a world of cultural diversity, enriching her perspective and nurturing her passion for connecting with people from all walks of life. Sofia fearlessly ventured into diverse industries, acquiring invaluable expertise and expanding her breadth of knowledge. Since her return to Georgia in 2016, Sofia has been an invaluable asset to Georgia Today, a leading media holding in Georgia. With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality content, she has become renowned for her insightful coverage of special events, both locally and internationally. Beyond capturing the essence of these occasions, she conducts business interviews, offering readers a unique glimpse into the minds of influential leaders and innovators.

Sofia merges her love for travel and passion for writing by freelancing and covering thematic events worldwide. Through her vibrant accounts, readers are transported to far-flung destinations, experiencing diverse cultures, exquisite cuisine, and the arts in all their glory.

Sofia's most fervent dream is to be a catalyst for women's empowerment. With unwavering determination, she seeks to uplift and inspire women from all walks of life, utilizing her platform to amplify their voices and foster a more inclusive society. Through her writing, she strives to break down barriers, challenge societal norms, and create spaces where women can thrive and flourish.

Sofia's motto is to wholeheartedly love whatever she does, taking on each task with a deep sense of responsibility. She possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively, valuing the perspectives of others. When it comes to communication, Sofia finds her truest voice through writing, allowing her thoughts and emotions to flow effortlessly onto the page, creating a profound connection with her readers.

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