Timur Maslov
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Timur Maslov

Timur Maslov is a journalist and TV presenter hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine. He commenced his career as a journalist at the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine in 2013. Later, he worked in the investigative journalism department of the 1+1 TV channel on programs such as "Secret Materials" and "Ukrainian Sensations" in 2016. He also worked on the automotive program "Jedi" on the 2+2 TV channel in 2017.

Timur launched his first author's program "Black Room" in 2017. This program included interviews with political figures, show business personalities, and journalists from the CIS countries. In 2021, he started working on his second author's program, "2+1," which was broadcasted live. The program attracted guests such as politicians, journalists, and athletes from CIS countries.

Since 2020, Timur has been working as a media technology and communication specialist for Ukrainian political parties. He has also appeared as an expert on TV channels, discussing social, political, and economic topics.

In 2019, Timur started his own Telegram channel. Later, in 2023, he added a TikTok channel that covers news and various topics. Timur began his career in the philology department and later switched to the journalism department. Currently, he is studying computer science at Private European University in Kyiv and media technology and communication at Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg.

Timur is an ambitious individual who aims to achieve great success in his profession. He plans to create new author's shows and establish his own media. Additionally, he is interested in working with journalists worldwide and exchanging experiences. Timur believes that journalism is a profession that should make the world a better place.

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