Anabel  Ciliberti
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Anabel Ciliberti

Anabel Ciliberti starts from a young age to have an artistic vein, she began writing poetry at the age of 14, after studying for the first time, the most famous Italian poets in middle school, in Italy. Then while living and studying in Cape Town, South Africa, she discovers and studies South African poetry, writers Chinua Achebe, and Alice Walker and falls in love with the writings of William Shaskpear. She develops writing skills in history class, writing political and historical essays.

She graduated in English as a first language, Spanish, French, Mathematics, Art History and practical, with top marks and a Distinction, in 2006, at St. Cyprian's school of Cape Town. During high school, she also discovers a great passion for painting and after graduation and a gap year, she passes the entrance exams at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy. Here the art journey really begins, she will then travel and study fine arts and literature; philosophy, aesthetics, art history, anthropology and Greek theatre.

After Florence, she moves to the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and then to Brera, in Milan, Italy. When she officially graduates with top marks, in 2020 and her thesis "The soul coming out of darkness", for which she had relators such as writer and professor Domenico Spinosa, Antonio Marazzi and Stefano Pizzi. The thesis was then published in Italian by Albatros publishing company and is now available to buy.

Throughout the years Anabel has always kept on writing, dozens of journals, poetry, plays, screenplays and her first published book. Meanwhile, she exhibits art as a visual artist in Italy and Europe and online. She also worked as a translator, and personal simultaneous interpreter for international artists like Joan Jonas and David Beltrán, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milano. She also thought for many years English language and Art in Venice and Lecco.

The only gallery she has ever collaborated with is “Ikona Gallery” in Venice, Italy. She wrote for many years for the online magazine “Anima Mediatica” with the director, Italian writer and therapist Francesco Frigione, along with him, started writing online articles in her twenties, about Cinema, Art exhibitions, cultural events and also poetry.

Recently, she helped translating from Italian to English; the catalog of the solo exhibition of international artist and gallerist Živa Kraus, in Zagreb, Croatia. She has a great passion for the arts, especially cinema, writing and photography. She is considered a polyhedric artist by many. She loves watching movies and series, and reading, as soon as she has some free time. She loves dogs! Her career as a writer, visual artist and editor continues . She’s a member of the “Soka Gakkai International” and “St. Cyp’s Union”.

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