The last movie of the movie director Ferzan Özpetek, whose work I really value and appreciate. The movie is in the original Italian language.

The infinite love story of Enea and Pietro, two homosexual boys living in Italy in 1978, is the one that requested change, protests, and tumult. The two leading characters are played by the actors Andrea Di Luigi and Damiano Gavino.

I wish the youth of Italy still had the strength and will to oppose the power of the government that wants to bend them to their will, as they did back in those years, fighting back with protests and occupations.

The love story of two gay boys who meet each other on the set of a movie and then meet again accidentally at the “Cinema Olimpo” in Rome. Both went there to see the classic Italian movies playing at that time, like the ones by Pier Paolo Pasolini, such as “Mama Roma,” and other famous movies of the time.

This movie talks about cinema, about movies that don’t really have an ending... and you are, therefore, obliged to make one yourself. So you are left to wonder; you are left to fantasize. The movies with an open ending are always the hardest ones to watch.

This movie also talks about love and how sometimes people are divided by fate, in an era where there were no cell phones and no social media, only appointments in a certain place, but no letters or phone calls without someone’s address or home telephone number.

One of them is Enea, who has the dream to become a movie director, and then we have Pietro, who is studying medicine and has his mother sick in the hospital.

When we are young, don’t we always think that our first love, the first person we fall in love with, is going to be the one we will marry, have children with, and spend the rest of our lives with?

For some lucky ones, it is like this: But sometimes destiny turns out to be apart, and we will not see that person ever again.

Just like Enea and Pietro are being divided by the twists of fate in this movie, But then destiny does bring them to meet each other once again.

But in rather different circumstances, Enea has become an acclaimed Italian movie director and has come out as gay, living with his partner.

Pietro has become a doctor, and they both achieved their dream careers, but Pietro is married to a woman, and for years he has suppressed his homosexuality and hid it. He was always the shy one; maybe it was because of Enea that he discovered that he was gay. Or maybe he knew that before they made love for the first time.

The “Cinema Olimpo” was an adult cinema, not for those under 18 years old, and often gay men met there to have sex, hiding in the bathrooms of the screening room. It was porn cinema. Something that does not even exist anymore in modern Italy.

But there used to be “Gay Film Festivals” in Milan some years ago, when I was a student there at the Academy of Fine Arts, Brera. I wonder if they still happen.

Anyway, these two men never forget each other, just like we never forget our first love, whether it was good or bad. I won’t let you know the ending, obviously.

But sometimes I wonder, is life just like "Sliding Doors"? We have one road on the left to take and one waiting for us on the right-hand side. And yes, it is up to us to decide which way to go; no one can choose for us, or it would be a betrayal of human rights and lives.

You are the one to choose whether to go left or right; there is no wrong or right. It’s up to you! Sometimes things get hard, and we give up on our dreams. Sometimes our dreams change, and we stop desiring certain things and start dreaming of something else. We are free to choose our opinions.

We are free to stay or to go. All is in your hands; go out there and eat the world, and don’t let it eat you!