Adkhamjon  Janobiddinov
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Adkhamjon Janobiddinov

Adkhamjon Janobiddinov is an author from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. After completing the Academic lyceum under the Samarkand branch of TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khorazmi with an honours diploma. Adkhamjon went to the United States to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Currently, he is a student at The College of Wooster located in Ohio, United States, double majoring in Economics and Data Science.

Adkhamjon can communicate in multiple languages, this includes Uzbek, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and English. With a great passion for learning history and international affairs, He enjoys writing about Uzbek culture, history and international relations of Uzbekistan with other countries. His writings appeared in newspapers in several countries including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkiye, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Through his articles, Adkhamjon wants to write about ancient Uzbek Culture and famous scientists from the land of Uzbekistan who shaped the world. This includes Al-Khorazmi who invented algorithms and founded algebra, a famous Islamic philosopher Al-Farabi and many other historical figures. Furthermore, he also wants to write about beautiful and historical tourist attractions across the country and colourful Uzbek culture. His main aim for writing for Meer is to enrich the magazine with content about Uzbekistan and improve his writing, editing and research skills.

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