Rabia  Shehzad
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Rabia Shehzad

Rabia is a 19-year-old enthusiastic and career-oriented person. She is doing Bachelor in English Linguistics from the Virtual University of Pakistan.

She believes in the independence of human beings and thinks that one can achieve any goal and destination if they have the courage and quest for it. According to her, the world is a place full of desires. We all have desires deep within us. Whether a person achieves their desire or not depends upon their willpower.

Passionate about writing, she aspires to become a content writer one day.

It was initially a whimsy, a hobby, a curiosity to see if she could even do this thing called writing. From childhood, she loved to write and read. Specifically, she loved creative writing. Her favorite part of creative writing was being able to express herself freely. Her passion for writing recently led her to think, "why not make it my profession?" As it is said: "Why be a follower when you can be a leader? Live your passion, follow your dreams."

So, she started her career as a content writer and blogger.

She talks about emerging technologies and their impact on the coming world. She finds it fascinating how emerging technologies and advancements in science are making the life of people considerably easier. She believes in Matt Mullenweg's statement: "Technology is best when it brings people together."

Additionally, she enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, online earning, passive income streams, freelancing, and online earning. An online content writer, she wishes to assist those who want to gain a foothold in the online world. In her opinion, we live in a digital world, and the era we are living in is the time of digitalization. Therefore, we need to adapt ourselves to modern times.

Drawing and painting is also her hobby. She is thrilled by the fact of how beautiful this world is. Nature is itself a joy and soothing feeling for her. So, she loves to paint the world with her brush.

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