Freelancing in Pakistan! Are freelancers in Pakistan skilled in the services they provide? Is Pakistan a country emerging in the field of freelancing? There are the questions that pop up in the mind of thousands of people when they see a Pakistani on a freelancing platform.

Freelancing emerged in Pakistan long ago, but it gained popularity and acknowledgment in 2019 during the covid-19 Pandemic. There was no concept of freelancing in Pakistan before it. They thought online earning was some fraudulent business.

However, in covid- 19 when the brick-and-mortar business shut down, many people lost their jobs and a source of bread and butter. They looked for other sources of income, and this is where freelancing gained popularity in Pakistan.

Although you are familiar with the advantages and benefits of freelancing, for Pakistan, Freelancing has made a remarkable difference.

Like any other developing country, Pakistan is facing a situation of debt, illiteracy, poverty, and overpopulation. Since people here lack proper education, they fail to get decent jobs and live their lives from hand to mouth.

Freelancing has shown the people of Pakistan that it is not necessarily crucial to get a degree and then land a high-paying job to meet their bread and butter. They could earn a handsome income by learning skills, even without a prestigious degree.

Due to the overwhelming advantages of freelancing, the people of Pakistan are deeply motivated to acquire freelancing as a part-time or full-time job. And most of them are advancing their careers from freelancing to agency formation and then business creation, which in other cases is impossible.

According to a news report published by The Express Tribune, about 3 million Pakistanis are providing their services as freelancers, and because of this, Pakistan is 4th in positions of the freelancing country in the world.

According to a survey by RS Softwire, a leading IT company in Pakistan, the number of Pakistani freelancers had increased from 4% to 42% in 2018-2019 and rose to 41 percent in 2021.The statistics show that Pakistan earned about $400 million dollars in 2022 through freelancing.

Pakistan is a country of people that have inborn talent and abilities. Despite the hardships they are experiencing, like lack of high-speed internet and load-shedding, several people have made their marks as successful freelancers.

Among them, Hisham Sarwar is a top-notch figure. His career as a creative designer began with a 9-5 job, but soon he realized that a job would not give him the freedom he desired. So, He started freelancing and provided web designing services to clients through freelancing platforms like, Elance, and Freelance.

In the last five years, he made more than 1 million dollars through freelancing, making him among the top 10 freelancers on the portal of He also received testimonials on the front page of the

Hisham’s story is not only the success story you will find in Pakistan. Numerous people earned millions of dollars by freelancing in Pakistan. They include Umar Waqqas, Suleman, Syed Rizwan, etc.

In short, Pakistan is a country full of talented people. As long as Pakistan has proper resources and technology, it will surely succeed in leaps and bounds.