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Maria Chiara Petrassi

Do you write attached or detached? Do you prefer to be called Maria or Chiara? "Neither of them, rather Mery, strictly with the e, to avoid strange pronunciations or linguistic confusion," I reply. I was born in Rome in May 1997, the year in which, on January 20, Bill Clinton began his second term as President of the United States of America.

On May 1, Tony Blair’s Labour won the election in the UK after eighteen years of Conservative rule, and on October 16, the first color photo was published in the New York Times. What could a newborn child know? Absolutely nothing.

I never imagined, however, that all these events would push me to deepen everything that happened in those years. I don’t like "curricular" biographies but sometimes, writing what your path of study can describe. After high school, I decided that I would continue my university studies in medicine, specifically as a pediatrician. I have always loved to dedicate time to children and attention and care to them, but I soon understood that this little "vocation" was far from taking care of them on a medical level.

I also realized that maybe all the years of studies that awaited me (especially of the scientific type, that I hated) constancy and dedication, did not suit me. Then I thought about what other predilections and passions I had in life. The answers were two: politics (in the noblest sense of the word, that is: art that adheres to the city or the State) and journalism, or at least writing.

I always say that I have learned, probably, before writing that to speak, is certainly impossible for a child, but this is to explain how much in my daily life, I often feel the need to write a thought, a speech, or something inner rather than expressing it in voice. So the bottom line? I chose the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Roma Tre and started the internship to become a journalist.

What do Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and the first color photo published in the New York Times have to do with it? In the cradle, I certainly did not think that "when I grew up" I would deepen the history and politics of these characters or that I would try slowly to write about politics, tell facts, and crises of Government and Parties.\

Following political events, strategies, and internal splits/alliances is my inner fire and passion. My greatest dream is to be able, one day, to tell these stories to the public directly on the field, waiting for press conferences, official statements, and fleeting words of Ministers outside the Palaces of Power.

I often call myself "pro-French" for having always cultivated a passion for the French language, films, and literature. Likewise, I love Swinging London (the cultural revolution in the mid to late 1960s) until you get to Britpop (in the early 90s which saw as protagonists some British groups, then became history as Oasis, Suede, and Blur).

Music is always present in my life, I like to find the right soundtrack for every moment of my life, cheerful or sad it is. I love art, ballet (which I have practiced for many years), reading books, and watching movies. I am not a sports person or competitive but the only sport I follow is rugby.

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