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Priscilla Pillay

Priscilla Pillay, an avid writer has spent the last 20 years writing her thoughts down on philosophy and metaphysical poetry, where she enjoys exploring this world and its hidden beauty only to bring back the explored treasures to be shared with her fellow readers. In her first book, “The Subtle Disruption- Resetting The Human Consciousness", Priscilla writes a creative collection of 34 poems, parables, proses and quotes to inspire her readers towards a "subtle disruption" in their human consciousness that has been dimmed by the everyday exchange for fake greatness.

A side of human beings that is suppressed from constant development and technology. She hopes to evoke everyone to an innate awakening, disrupting their acquired conventions and normalcy to a higher consciousness through a fun and nonchalant way. She attest that her works are significantly influenced by the great minds of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca.

Priscilla was born and bred in the beautiful jewel of South East Asia-- Malaysia, a country that she owes her strong culture, traditions, warmth and kindness to. Born in 1985, she spent merely two decades there, until she left Malaysia at a young age to pursue her education in Germany and then to finally settle down in Geneva, Switzerland.

Coming from a background of Economics, she decided to put her talent to good use and be a writer instead. With the encouragement of her late mother, Priscilla was sure to be a vivid writer and make her mother's vision come true. She believes in being inspired from the minute to greater details of life, so that she can inspire everyone around her with her work.

She is currently writing her second book titled "Fragments Of A Greater Purpose-Reigniting The Purpose Within You”. When she is not writing or spending time with her wonderful husband and children, she hones the artist in her by drawing illustrations of the enchanting botany world.

In this journey of life, living symbiotically and collectively, she wants her readers to join along with her in a never-ending discovery as she in return joins them in theirs through a connecting frame—her writings. So as you read her inspiring articles she wants you take it from her heart to yours!

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