Shania Cooper
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Shania Cooper

Shania is a British Zambian based in Berlin, Germany, and is an aspiring data analyst as she is currently studying computer science and business. Her love for writing began as a way to tell and share stories before she began publishing on her Medium blog page.

When she isn’t studying or working, she can usually be found rewatching her favorite films, which are the Marvel franchise. If she isn’t watching Marvel, it's probably a classic thriller or horror movie. She often spends her time- if she has the time, at the gym, checking out new cafes and restaurants, or exploring different cities. Shania also loves to immerse herself in fashion, of which Diesel and Vivien Westwood are favorite brands as the style is simple yet effortlessly ‘more’ as you don't have to try hard to pair the pieces of these looks.

Shania also has a fond love for food and enjoys blogging about it on her Instagram- ‘yourlocalfoodguru’, of which she shares and reviews both local and international restaurants from places she visits during her travels to guide fellow solo travelers by having everything in one space. Her favorite cuisines would be Japanese and Vietnamese, as they have more enriching flavours.

Living across 5 different counties has played a huge role in shaping how she views the world and people from different walks of life, as she tends to relate with people who see the world as their home rather than having one singular place to call home.

Shania plans to publish her very first book in the near future as it has been long overdue; writer's block can be an issue most of the time. If you’d love to keep up and know more about her, feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn or Instagram as she would be happy to collaborate.

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