Shania Cooper
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Shania Cooper

Shania is a British Zambian based in Berlin, Germany, and working in Marketing. Her love for writing began as a way to tell and share stories before she began publishing on her Medium blog page as well as her online magazine ‘Lost in Translation’.

When not engrossed in her professional endeavours, she gravitates towards the comforting embrace of her favourite pastime—rewatching films. In this realm, the Marvel franchise stands as a perennial favourite, offering a cinematic escape that never loses its allure. Beyond the realms of superheroes and epic battles, Shania delves into the realms of classic thrillers and horror, showcasing a diverse cinematic palate.

Away from the flickering screen, Shania leads an active lifestyle. The gym serves as a canvas for her physical pursuits, intertwining with her exploration of new cafes, restaurants, and cities. Her curious spirit finds solace in the uncharted territories of different urban landscapes. A connoisseur of style, Shania immerses herself in the world of fashion, with Diesel and Vivien Westwood emerging as her preferred brands. Their simplicity, coupled with an effortlessly chic aura, aligns seamlessly with her taste, eliminating the need for strenuous fashion endeavours.

Shania's love for diverse experiences extends to the culinary realm, manifesting in her role as 'yourlocalfoodguru' on Instagram. Through this platform, she shares and reviews gastronomic delights from both local and international establishments, consolidating a treasure trove of recommendations for fellow solo travellers. Her culinary journey spans across continents, encapsulating the essence of her travels and the diverse flavours that have left an indelible mark on her palate. Japanese and Vietnamese cuisines hold a special place in her heart, their enriching flavours resonating deeply with her gastronomic preferences.

Having lived across five different countries, Shania's worldview is a mosaic shaped by cultural diversity and varied perspectives. Her lifestyle has fostered an appreciation for those who, like her, consider the world their home, transcending the confines of a single geographical location. As she continues to navigate the intricate tapestry of her passions and experiences, Shania's journey remains an evolving narrative, rich with cinematic marvels, culinary delights, and a profound connection with the global tapestry of humanity.

Shania plans to publish her very first book in the near future as it has been long overdue; writer's block can be an issue most of the time. If you’d love to keep up and know more about her, feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn or Instagram as she would be happy to collaborate.

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