Ana Garcia Sancho

Ana Garcia Sancho is a journalist specialising in travel and politics. She earned a BA in journalism in London. She has worked in the journalism industry in a variety of capacities, with a focus on minorities and travel. She has lived in several countries, including Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Peru.

Ana Garcia Sancho was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She left her country at the age of 16 to study in the United Kingdom, where she realised she wanted to focus her career on helping others through her writing. She took a year off to travel the world, living in cities such as Munich and Peru, where she volunteered.

She then began her degree in Journalism in London, which she completed successfully in 2021. She experienced the pandemic in London and Berlin, where she worked on various internships for companies based around the world. Ana took advantage of the fact that everything was remote to work in various countries such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Ana has worked with a variety of communities in the areas where she has lived, given her background. Her desire to interview and help others arose from a young age. She recently collaborated with London's Latinx community.

She has spent her early years freelancing with Latino Life UK and contributing to major articles. She has conducted interviews with bands such as Bomba Estereo and Ed Maverick. She collaborated closely with the chief editor and has learned from her work.

Through the Story Market, she collaborated with other journalists from around the world to strengthen the freelance community and give journalists the opportunity to expand their work. She joined the editorial team and briefly served as the main editor.

One of her main interests and favourite pastimes is travel. Ana has visited 38 countries in her 23 years on earth. Her favourite activity is exploring new places and learning about their histories, and she hopes to make it her career. She has recently been travelling around England, creating a travel journal on TikTok that has reached thousands of people.

Her official residence is London, where she has grown as a journalist, but she hopes to be able to travel and reach an audience who can see what she sees through her writing.

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