Prague has a magic element that keeps attracting millions of people to visit and explore the city, making it one of the best destinations in Europe. Walking through the Gothic City will transport us to very different eras and give us a glimpse of its long history. Prague is a city of remembering, commemorating, and metamorphosing the past. Like its famous author Franz Kafta has said, "the history of mankind is the instant between two strides taken by a traveler."

Aside from the astonishing astronomical clock, the majestic Prague Castle, and the historic and majestic Charles’ Bridge, Prague has many museums that cover the city’s most important details. For example, we have the life of Franz Kafka, the story of the Jews in Bohemia, and even the communist era. But these are well known to the visitor and are likely to be recommended to most tourists. Yet, Prague has an extended history, especially in the medieval era, and some experiences that are not well known. Here will be a rundown of a few attractions and activities to give you a more unique and lesser-known experience of the city.

Strahov monastery

This abbey was founded in 1143 and has been the home of the Premonstratensian order. This is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The monastery has different sections to visit, and it is recommended to give time for both museums, the Strahov Library and the picture gallery. The first stop is the Strahov Library, which houses the world's oldest and best-preserved libraries. Philosophy Hall is simply stunning. Thousands of books line the walls, and a painting on the ceiling draws attention to the bond between science and religion. Meanwhile, the Theological Hall is distinguished by its wooden globes and numerous religious paintings on the walls. The corridor connecting both libraries is lined with dissected animals and world maps from the 1500s. These halls were constructed in the classical style between 1670 and 1779. The picture gallery, on the other hand, provides access to some of the monastery's art from the 18th century that was confiscated during the communist era. The visitor can then explore the monastery halls and learn about the priests who live there. Recommendation: Grab the tram from the city center all the way up to the monastery, and after you visit, walk for about 10 minutes and find the entrance to the Prague Castle.

Kingdom of Argondia

Enter a distinctive art gallery that feels like a fantasy cave. The art is all over his house, covering most of the walls. To enter, ring the doorbell, and the author will welcome you. The ticket is only 4 euros (100 crowns), so let's explore the gallery as much as possible. Images of fairies, mystery creatures shaped in greens and yellows, and fantasy landscapes mixing land and sky with a range of purples, blues, and pinks make up the colourful mix of magic paintings. The walls are covered in heavy paint and oil, and some of them resemble cave drops. The sculpture around the house, which appears to be in Greek style, is very intriguing. These can be found on the walls, complementing the paintings. There are numerous newspaper articles about various important figures visiting, such as actors and musicians. Recommendation: The only way is to go up the hill; this is a great idea for a sunny day. The view from the house, however, is exceptional—you can see the whole city!

Soak in a beer bath

After a long day of walking and exploring Prague, imagine bathing in beer with unlimited access to ale and dark beer with homemade bread. This is a new experience that will be most enjoyable for beer lovers. Get a full hour of treatment at a beer spa, where you can sink into a fresh tank containing the ingredients and materials used to make beer, such as brewing yeast. The entire process is natural and has some beneficial effects on the skin, such as a high Vitamin B content. Following the bath, you can unwind on the straw-made bed while gazing into the fireplace and the castle-like mosaics. The personal staff will explain the entire process and provide excellent service and a thorough understanding of this one-of-a-kind experience. Recommendation: If staying in the city center, walk. The Communist Museum and the Powder Tower are just a few minutes away!