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Stephanie is a French Caribbean businesswoman, entrepreneur, investor, and speaker based in the United Kingdom, with a background in global entertainment, show business, and events industries.

Stephanie first studied multimedia in Paris, then studied business law in Switzerland 10 years later. She started her career as an international model, TV personality, presenter, and entertainer. She was then offered the opportunity to organize and manage an international portfolio of high-end events, including ministry conferences, sports events, and luxury cruise production shows.

In 2020, she founded Success Life Goal LTD (SLG), a motivational platform that inspires and influences people to develop a success mindset throughout the sport philosophy and mostly throughout the mindset of a champion. Stephanie believes that by implementing the mindset of a champion in your everyday life, you can improve your lifestyle, become the best version of yourself, overcome fears and obstacles, as well as multiply your possibilities, opportunities, and potential incomes. At SLG, members can access impactful courses, sports events, as well as storytelling content run by real champions such as pro-athletes, Olympic athletes, and top leaders from around the world.

SLG mainly collaborates with businesses and personalities in entertainment and sports-related industries, as well as global leaders. Some of her collaborations include Olympic athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and billionaires.

Stephanie is also the co-author of two Amazon best-selling books: "Unstoppable Courage" and "Rejection to Redirection." And the author of another Amazon best-selling book named "Billionairess... is the Goal," a visionary book entirely dedicated to women in power, business, and leadership, is developing the idea of building up the women’s world of tomorrow, where more and more global wealth will be owned by women. A podcast is currently running following the same philosophy as the book: to support women in business and leadership in their journey to success.

As a businesswoman, Stephanie specializes in venture capitalize investment and mainly invests in entertainment and sports businesses. She currently owns three businesses, including the well-known Ferdinand Football Academy Franchise of South London, which will open in 2024.

Stephanie is also a philanthropist and tries to give back to the community by joining international volunteer programs related to women's and children's education development. She is driven by the idea of empowering others, helping them become a successful version of themselves, and seeing them succeed. She is now a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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