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Kim Chi Pho

Born in Go Công, Vietnam, to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, I am the eleventh child of twelve siblings. In my native country, parents assign a number to their children, in addition to the first name. My name is Kim Chi Pho. But to my family, I'm Miss Number 11. Polyglot, I speak French, English, Dutch, Vietnamese and Chinese.

In 1984, I arrived in Belgium with my parents, my brothers and sisters as political refugees, I settled there and obtained my Belgian naturalization.

After obtaining my Master's degree in finance, I joined a service company as a consultant before joining the Financial Department of Alstom where I remained for 20 years.

In 2016, I left my position as financial director and began a literary career. I am published by a publishing house before choosing self-publishing. My novels are available on Amazon in French and English: Mademoiselle Number 11, 2017; Le Clos des Diablotins, 2018; Sista, 2019; Forever Ours, 2020.

Likewise, I am the agent of the Pop Art Designer Louis Durot. I live in Paris with my two daughters Lou and Jolie.

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