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Kim Chi Pho

Born in Go Công, Vietnam, to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, I am the eleventh child of twelve siblings. In my native country, parents assign a number to their children on top of their first name.

My name is Kim Chi Pho. But for my family, I am Miss Number 11.

Polyglot, I speak French, English, Dutch, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

In 1984, I arrived in Belgium with my family as political refugees. I settled there and became a Belgian citizen.

After obtaining my master’s degree in finance, I joined a consulting company before joining Alstom, where I will stay for 20 years as a financial director.

In 2016, I left my job and began a literary career. My books were published by a publishing house before I decided to self-publish. My books are available on Amazon in French and English:

Mademoiselle Numéro 11 (autobiography book), 2017; Le Clos des Diablotins (a tribute to my former neighbours surviving from that poorest suburb of Brussels) 2018: Sista (a tribute to all women who work hard for their children) 2019; A Jamais A Nous, 2020 (a love story about reincarnation).

In 2021, I became the agent of the artist designer Louis Durot, the last artist of pop art still active and alive. On the one hand, I promote his art through social networks, design and art magazines, newspapers, and television. And on the other hand, I present his creations to museums, art galleries, and collectors. His artworks are exhibited and seen by millions of design lovers around the world. I’m also co-writing his biography book, “I missed Auschwitz’s train” (J’ai taté le train d’Auschwitz, publié aux editions Istya et compagnie).

In addition to my passion for art, I’m passionate about cooking. In 2010, I participated in a French television cooking show, and I won. Since that reward, food lovers have given me a delicious nickname. They call me the Queen of spring rolls because I cook the best spring rolls in Paris, which are crispy outside and melting inside. And they are not oily.

This is a family recipe. When my family and I arrived in Brussels, we were very poor. For a living, my parents cooked spring rolls and sold them in a Chinese market. Each day, when school is finished, I help my parents prepare the stuff and roll the cha gio (spring roll in Vietnamese). I had rolled over one million spring rolls. After 30 years of experience, I can do the spring roll with closed eyes, and they still have the same size.

I live in Paris with my two daughters, Lou and Jolie.

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