Dr. Ayesha Mughees

Born in Pakistan, raised and educated in the US, Dr.Ayesha Mughees is a Medical Doctor and a Journalist/International Reporter. Her basic education is from Kirkwood Elementary School, Coralville Iowa State, US.

After moving back to Pakistan, she started her journalistic career in the 90s by doing poetry for a Pakistani Newspaper, "The Nation." She has also been writing for the Newspaper, "Pakistan Observer."

Currently, she is working for Ghanaeducation.org, newsghana24.com and acenobs.blogspot.com.

Dr.Ayesha also works for an online Radio Station based in Namibia namely, Galaxy Radio. She's a News Anchor/Presenter, does health shows and interviews people around the world.

As for her education, she completed her bachelor's in medicine and surgery and is currently studying "Internet Journalism" at the London School of Journalism. Dr.Ayesha did thirteen online courses from various universities abroad.

She studied "Medicine Adherence: Supporting patients with their treatment" and "English for Healthcare" at King's College London. She has also been interested in Entrepreneurship and thus studied the subject (Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action) at the same University.

Her profound interest in genetics got her into studying "What is Genetic counseling?" at Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences and Wellcome Campus Society and Ethics Research in association with the University of Manchester.

Dr.Ayesha has studied at five Australian Universities. She studied "Introduction to Anatomy: Learning the Anatomical Alphabet" at Charles Sturt University.

Her zest for her subject further encouraged her to study "Learning and Memory: Understandings from Educational Neuroscience" at Central Queensland University.

Later, she completed the course "Health Systems Strengthening" from The University of Melbourne, The Nossal Institute for Global Health, and UNICEF.

She also went on to study "Introduction to Health and Medical Law" at The College of Law Australia.

Dr.Ayesha loves to cook. Her love for cooking encouraged her to learn cooking via BBC Good Food where she did the course "Healthy Cooking Made Easy with BBC Good Food."

She is a keen learner and therefore studied "Digital Skills: Mobile" and "Digital Skills: Social Media" from Accenture.

She did these online courses via the platform Future Learn. In 2020, she participated in the Health Emergencies Programme by World Health Organization, "Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus."

Dr.Ayesha Mughees also wrote three books, available on the German platform bookrix.com.

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