Nowadays, almost everyone wants to look glamorous and arresting. And, if they don't meet society's set standards they become melancholic and enervated. To alleviate these symptoms literary gens du monde and celebrities opt for cosmetic procedures to look more attractive or charismatic. One such procedure is using dyes to change the colour of your eyes. The procedure is termed as "annular keratopigmentation." With the help of a femtosecond laser, the doctor creates a micro-tunnel in the cornea and applies the pigment to cover the natural colour of your eye. The operation is a safe and painless procedure and lasts for about an hour but with a litany of possible complications.

Dr.Francis Ferrari from Paris specializes in this field and is a big name in the said sector. Before conducting the procedure, with no glitch he sends out emails to his patients mentioning the possible complications of the operation. According to his website, Ferrari and his team have performed over a thousand operations.

"Changing eye color by keratopigmentation for aesthetic purposes," the ophthalmologist asserted.

Reportedly, complications stated include blurry vision, partial or total blindness, chronic keratitis, ocular dryness, fading of colour, top or bottom incision visibility and an asymmetric result. Some of the other complications include shift of ring, perforation of the cornea, damage to the visual field, intolerance to contact lens and colour change. Those above forty need to be cautious and should get their eyes fully examined before opting for the procedure.

Before signing the consent form Ferrari and his team inform you of the possibility of endothelial cell loss and fading. With the passage of time the eyes may become grayish in colour. The form states not more than 3 touch-ups are possible after surgery.

It also says, "This technique is irreversible: the eye will never revert to it's original color."

Further down the form it is mentioned that you should be examined atleast 2 months prior to surgery to help determine if you are eligible for it. It states, contraindications of the surgery are presence of a cataract, insufficient endothelial cells, corneal disease, keratoconus, lasik surgery etc.

Coloured implants and laser depigmentation of iris

According to research, this tattoo is only one of the three ways by which you can change your eye colour. The other two include coloured implants and laser depigmentation of the iris.

Through experience, doctors have observed that coloured implants are dangerous for your eyes and may lead to blindness. However, there are quite a number of successful cases too showcased on their social media pages.

Laser depigmentation is another procedure that can change your eye colour. The laser gets rid of the brown melanin pigment present in your eye and reveals your blue eye colour. It should be noted that there's no such thing as "blue pigment."

The dye

As a single shard of light pierces your eye you can take a glimpse at the dye used to change your eye colour. Different colours used include riviera blue and emerald green.

“The dye meets the European standards CEllb and it's use in the cornea is authorised (Manufacturer: BioticPhocea, Marsielle France)” says Dr.Francis Ferrari.