Ramaisa  Asif
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Ramaisa Asif

Currently, I'm a Bachelor's student who is extremely passionate about writing. I consider myself an explorer with an Inquisitive mind and a creative thought process. I have two ways to express myself: to write what I think and to speak to an audience. I love diversity and therefore I like to celebrate it by expressing my opinions about a variety of topics. I consider myself a learner forever.

My goal is that whenever a reader goes through my work, it shows them a reflection of my ethnic roots. On one hand, I want to share my point of view of the world as a Pakistani and on the other, I would love the world to discover more about my country than what is already known. Cheers to diversity!

Travelling, food, and culture are the topics closest to my heart and these are the areas where you’ll find most of my writings. In my opinion, all three aspects of writing allow you to go through the process of continuous change which will never bore you, it makes you come out of your comfort zone as you’re learning about strangers and it fulfills your craving for knowledge if you’re an admirer of learning new every day like me.

Pakistan is a diverse country and each province of the country gives you a new experience. Food consumed in different parts is diverse, and new travel destinations are being discovered every now and then while the culture of each province is highly respected and followed by their people. I want the readers to have an exciting experience while reading what I write and I want them to feel as if they are in Pakistan at that moment.

As a young writer, I admire various writers because of whom I got to follow my dream of writing. I love reading classics as well as contemporary literature. My absolute favorites include Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Sylvia Plath, Alex Michaelides, Arundhati Roy, Robin Sharma, and many more.

Through my inspirations, I collect and combine my passion for writing, my love for my ethnic roots, and exciting knowledge to try to create something that will make readers feel more connected to one another.

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