It is said that there’s no mountain hard to climb for Samina Baig who’s one of the most famous mountaineers in Pakistan. To summit Mount Everest and all seven summits was also not a big deal for the thirty-one years old. Samina recently had the opportunity to become the first Pakistani woman to Summit K2 which is the second highest peak in the world.

She was immediately followed by Naila, also known as the ‘mountaineer mom’, who completed her Summit just 3 hours after Samina Baig. The professional journey of Samina Baig was initiated in 2009 and after several years she has reached its peak. She is well known for her daring high-altitude expeditions, especially in winters. She promotes adventurous sports activities specifically among the females of Pakistan.

Personal life

Samina Baig was born on 19th September 1990 in a village called Shimshal which is located in the district of Hunza in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. She started climbing mountains at the tender age of four whereas she has been training for mountain climbing since she was 15 years old.

She said in an interview,” I used to help my mother in the house, and then I used to go to the mountains to bring wood from the trees.” She also said that people used to laugh at her when she used to tell them about her ambitions of becoming a mountaineer because a woman doing that was unimaginable to them.

This was where it all eventually started. When once asked about thoughts during climbing mountains, Samina said that it was ‘tortuous’ when she faced dark and harsh weather situations but her love for it always worked like a charm to bring her spirits up every time she felt low.

Her inspiration and expeditions

Samina Baig is the youngest among her six siblings. One of her brothers Mirza Ali was one of the main supporters of her dream. Her brother used to tell her stories of his journey which eventually ignited the passion for climbing in her heart as well. In fact, her brother accompanied her on several of her journeys.

Before her achievement of summiting k2, she also got the privilege to be the youngest female mountaineer to Summit Mount Everest at the age of well. She said that during the Mount Everest journey, she was away from her family for two months. There were times when she used to ask herself, “what am I doing here?” but her passion for climbing made every hardship easy for her to tackle.

She even had to skip her exams in order to Summit Everest which she called one of the toughest decisions that she ever made. Samina also climbed Mount McKinley, My Elbrus, Carstensz Pyramid, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson, and Aconcagua in their eight months target. She called it a “challenge “ but she was grateful that she got to do it.

Samina along with her brother Mirza received the pride of performance award in 2015 along with various accolades. She also climbed Chashkin Sar and fun fact, she was the first climber to Summit that peak which was renamed Samina peak to honour her. In 2015, a documentary describing the journey of Samina Baig called “Beyond the heights”. She is indeed the representative of fearless, thriving, and ambitious women out there. She is the superwoman of Pakistan.