Zohaib Asem
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Zohaib Asem

Zohaib - a young Londoner who successfully completed his academic journey with a Master’s degree in English Language and Linguistics. Following his journey, he is now a content writer and editor in the education sector, as well as an English Tutor.

At this point, it seems like his life revolves around words, grammar, and bent spines of wrinkled dictionaries, which is about half-right. However, his limits are far beyond what meets the eye as he loves putting his skills to the test by enduring the challenges that his diverse working life brings.

So on the other end of the spectrum, delivering parcels around the city of London is where Zohaib finds his pride and joy. While this may be a freelanced job for him, he sees this as a hobby as he loves traveling around the city and meeting people.

Nevertheless, his busy work life hasn’t stopped him from doing other things which he loves.

Zohaib has traveled to various places across the beautiful planet - from Dubai to Denmark, and from Pakistan to Portugal, but Canada is where he dreams of spending his life. He yearns to visit Banff for his next trip, with Vancouver only round the corner.

When he’s not gallivanting across the globe, Zohaib often enjoys spending his time researching and learning about the religions that people follow to explore a different lifestyle and observe things from varying perspectives, with his focal point on Islam and Christianity.

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