Scarborough Bluffs offers a harmonious welcome with a lengthy trail engulfed by ample nature and the sound of waves from a stunning lake sliding onto the coastline. With aesthetic white cliffs bordering the lake and a tranquil sandy beach, this location should genuinely be a tourist’s favourite.

So, where exactly are we headed?

Toronto, the largest city in Canada. A city known for its welcoming multicultural environment and its waterfront skyline overlooked by the well-renowned CN Tower. One can have no doubt that Canada can showcase its immersion in nature - with its profusion of greenery and countless lakes. Scarborough Bluffs is a prime example of this and a seriously underrated attraction.

But tell us more about Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs is perfect with its uniquely picturesque cliffs and coastline, complemented by a trail that seems to never end. The trail is a 6.8km long paved path that runs parallel to the shoreline, which sees a diverse range of people walking or even cycling with friends and families.

From this beautiful trail, one can only stare in awe at the immense lake-seasoned white cliffs standing tall and firm against the waves crashing against it. Trees are seen resting above these cliffs, overlooking the beauty of Bluffers Park.

The lake, known as the famous Lake Ontario, is a colossal body of water that’s almost impossible to see the other side of from Scarborough Bluffs. Try as hard as you wish, but a horizon edged with silver-white tint is all you’d see. Tourists that spontaneously show up at Scarborough Bluffs will most likely be convinced that this so-called lake is an ocean.

Scarborough Bluffs is also known for its sandy beach on which you can lie down on the rippled sand and get blanketed by rays of sunshine, all while observing the lake with no heaving waves to be seen.

Sounds amazing, but what’s there to do at Scarborough Bluffs?

As already mentioned, the trail is moderately lengthy which makes it ideal for a peaceful ponderous walk. However, serious hikers out there would not be impressed with the lack of elevation along this trail, along with the fact that it only takes over an hour to hike the entire Bluffers Park. So, if you’re looking for a place to just casually stroll and absorb the sound of waves and the aroma of vegetation, Scarborough Bluffs is the perfect place.

I highly recommend taking some snaps along your walk as Scarborough Bluffs is every photographer’s paradise. Despite mere photographs failing to do any justice to such a stunning place, Scarborough Bluffs offers a stunning backdrop from any angle, be it the lake, cliffs or even the big boulders that outline the park.

Scarborough Bluffs sits right on Canada’s famous Lake Ontario. Upon hearing the word “coastline”, you’d expect an ocean to pop into your mind and that’s exactly what Lake Ontario looks like. It’s immensely vast at almost 19,000km². Furthermore, the beach at Scarborough Bluffs received a Blue Flag in recognition of the high quality of water for swimming. With that being said, sticking on some arm bands and going for a swim wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Controversial, but summer doesn’t count without a barbecue. Scarborough Bluffs offers a profusion of meticulously maintained green spaces for families and friends to enjoy a barbecue or picnic, all while feasting upon a masterpiece of a landscape.

Don’t let the animals steal your food though. Scarborough Bluffs is home to a range of friendly wildlife. It sees geese, foxes, deers, and coyotes just to mention a few. So, if you're an animal lover, you won’t be disappointed with the friends you make during your visit to Scarborough Bluffs.

You might even fancy spending the night with them. That’s right - Scarborough Bluffs sees people bring their tents to spend an entire night underneath the stars and fall asleep to the white noise of waves.

To go or not to go?

Go. Images don’t do justice when it comes to amazing experiences like this one. Venturing out to Toronto to visit Scarborough Bluffs is a journey one cannot regret. Just pack your belongings and venture out.