Rand Abu-Hilalah

Rand Abu Hilalah is a Jordanian journalist and poet. She is currently writing feature stories, film scripts, and poems. She has worked as a news editor and a social media coordinator. Her writings have appeared on Al Jazeera’s website, and other publications.

She is currently working on documenting the stories of her ancestors, and historical places around the Middle East. In hopes of preserving their legacy and embracing their beauty.

Rand spends her mornings enjoying long walks in nature, where most of her literary inspirations emerge. She also enjoys listening to podcasts about health, culture, and poetry.

She is an avid reader of classical and contemporary Arabic poetry. She draws inspiration from Arabic literature, and writers like Radwa Ashour, and Elia Abu Madi. Whom influential work spoke to many generations.

She also gets inspired by films, especially the independent films she watched in her three years as a juror at Ajyal film festival. She saw films' ability to move people and shift their perspectives. She aspires to make films that speak to a diverse audience. In the future, she hopes to make a feature film.

Now works as a full-time writer. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors from Qatar University.

In 2016 she earned the New York Film Academy filmmaking Diploma as well as a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication. In 2022 her fictional short film “Dear Sofia'', which she wrote and directed, was publicly screened in Doha. It was produced by Shorts by Shorties Film Lab, sponsored by the US embassy in Qatar.

Professionally, she worked as a social media coordinator and news editor for Eekad; the first open-source intelligence platform in the Arab world, specializing in fact-checking.

Rand has a keen interest in literature, visual arts, and mental wellness. Learning is very important to her, she always strives to learn more, be it through books, podcasts, or conversations.

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