Millions of people have struggled with their mental health during the global pandemic. It exacerbated the pain of those who were struggling. For many, the negative physical and mental effects of COVID persisted even after the pandemic was over. Those suffering were desperately searching for solutions to improve their situation and ameliorate their mental health.

Mental health podcasts were among the most popular choices by those who wanted to restore their mental balance and feel better. Hundreds of them are out there, yet the good ones are hard to find. I've saved you the trouble and the stress, here are five podcasts that can transform your life!

Huberman lab

It’s a brilliant resource for improving your mental health through improving your physical health. I have applied a lot of what I’ve learned from this podcast, and it impacted my life positively.

The host Andrew D. Huberman is an American neuroscientist and tenured associate professor in the department of neurobiology and also the department of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.

D. Huberman has hosted many prominent names in psychology and neurology on his podcast, such as Dr. Christopher Palmer and Dr. Anna Lembke.

An episode can exceed two hours and is compact with information. I listen to it on long walks, to enhance both my mental and physical health. You can also watch the episodes on YouTube.

Speaking of psychology

Hosted by the soothing voice of Kaitlin Luna, this is an exclusively audio podcast series that highlights the most relevant psychological research. It also offers listeners practical advice. This podcast is produced by the American Psychological Association, which makes it excellent for academics.

Hosts usually explain the technical terms they use. However, it requires you to focus throughout the episode, making it difficult to multitask when listening.

7 good minutes daily

If you are a busy high achiever, this podcast is for you. Hosted by the brilliant Clyde Lee Dennis, the 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast is one of the more downloaded podcasts concerning mental health. It gives self-improvement tips and daily motivation. A podcast that is easy to follow while driving or doing daily tasks.

It’s a great place to begin if you’re new to psychology. However, you might be familiar with most of the information if you're an expert. Nevertheless, it will refresh your memory.

Psychology unplugged

One of the newer podcasts in the mental health category but nevertheless still an incredible one to listen to. Hosted by Dr. Corey J. Negro, "psychology unplugged" offers weekly discussions and perspectives on many elements of psychology, neuropsychology, and psychopharmacology.

This podcast is great for those who are interested in learning about medications and other treatments for mental health. Even though it targets the general public, I found the content to be geared towards experts and people knowledgeable in the field.

Hidden brain

The podcast covers a vast range of captivating topics on human behaviour, such as happiness, nostalgia, and suffering. Each week, the host Shankar Vedantam explains the science behind the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour and direct our relationships.

It is very entertaining as it uses storytelling to keep you engaged, and offers great wisdom.

These podcasts can be a helpful supplement to your mental health journey and provide valuable insights and perspectives. They are a resource that can easily be accessed and used whenever and wherever. However, they cannot substitute professional help. In times of crisis, whether deep or shallow, it’s always important to seek mental support from a specialist.

Let me know which one is your favourite!