Waithira  Gichiri
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Waithira Gichiri

Waithira Gichiri is the founder of Susfari, a sustainability consulting firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Susfari aims to create opportunities through knowledge dissemination. Communities and countries yet to provide a conducive environment for their citizens to achieve a quality of life are faced with the challenge of how to do this sustainably and ingraining climate resilience to their development.

Susfari believes key steps are creating an understanding of sustainability, climate change, and climate resilience from a context-specific perspective, building capacity for local solutions to global challenges, and working with what communities have to achieve what they do not have.

Waithira has a Master’s degree in Sustainability, Society, and the Environment from Kiel University, Germany. She focussed on the role and potential of energy access, especially renewable energy, in creating opportunities for its users and beneficiaries, believing in its ability to provide pathways to a quality life for all.

Waithira sees possibilities for growth in tandem with nature, with a positive impact on society, and one that is resilient to climate change impacts. As already seen, emissions in one part of the globe affects all of it and hence believes it is imperative that we all work together towards meeting our needs sustainability.

Through her writing, Waithira aims to spur discussions on current and future possibilities for sustainable and climate-resilient development. This is through identifying the gaps, the potentials, and the opportunities presented by changing times to drive action.

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