Divya Muppishetty
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Divya Muppishetty

To connect the dots on how 'a boring engineer' with a passion towards journalism, picked up public health on the way with a dream to set up a green school, you will just have to talk to me through my blogs. Questioning the existing system, a stand alone girl #ME, engineering my path to achieve the dream amidst the society that is forcing me not to dream big. To enunciate, I am an Idyllic, passion driven, free spirited, soulful solo traveller unleashing the madness of life on my own on my own journalistic platform.

My educational accolades include a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism (distance education). After graduating, I pursued a Masters in Public Health from Long Island University, Brooklyn USA.

Serbia, the country where I found my purpose: on an educational trip abroad I ended up visiting a school for special children in Novi Sad, a beautiful city. Being surrounded by beautiful souls at school taught me so much and cleared my path to my destination. I still remember that day. The day I felt magical, enlightened, like the light passing through me and I could feel the colors on the other end. Since then, researching different education systems, I carved my path towards the end goal of establishing Green Schools.

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