Have you ever walked miles to go to a peculiar place just to sit there and stare into...?

Experiencing how watching leads to no-mindedness?

I sometimes walk miles or take the subway in the middle of the night, to get to those red stairs in the heart of the city. I wonder why it is so calming when there are like a million people around!

Aren't the random New York strangers my family, friends… everything and everyone when I need?

I have heard thousands of stories from strangers. Shared a few of mine — well mostly my perspective on their stories.

New York, my love. The ups and downs we had… the days which got even harder.

I continued walking along with you, to the destination unknown.

I think ‘finding oneself’ is what I thought through all the walks... but I wonder if I lost my ubiquitous soul.

We sometimes fly high, reaching cloud nine, happily unleashing the madness and sometimes hit rock bottom hurting.

In this inevitable journey of ebbs and flows, be graceful. Isn't that what the colourful mesmerising fall colours leaving the trees teach us?

Fall my love! I remember the drive up the hill.

When the situation gets as cold as the winter here gets — still, chin up and smile. As the frown lines are not so adorable.

How can the snowfall be so breathtaking and also hurt at the same time?

Freezing the feelings til they break, while enjoying the calmness.

Snow my love! I remember skiing, that hurt me.

And when the time had come… I stood up, thoughts still wandering, the crystal clear Chanel No. 5 perfume slipped from my rigid hands... fell… broken into pieces… leaving the fragrance on the breeze… indulging me into the thoughts to let go of chronological affairs which I have no control over, relinquishing myself to feel the beauty of broken things… suddenly her face flashing in front of me saying "I always believe in you."

'The art of letting go gave wings to my freedom'.

Broken souls are majestic. I found my moment when a broken perfume bottle taught me ‘the art of letting go’.

It's only you who can hurt yourself. It's only you who can pull yourself out from the thoughts which you can neither control nor change. Unless you master ‘the art of letting go,’ the weight of unwanted things keeps you pulled down from flying to reach the pinnacle of Life.

Pain is inevitable. Pain is glorious. It is only your broken mind and soul that can let in the light to pass through prisms to reflect colours.

Pain gives you an extreme creative flexibility to add back those broken pieces to create an art that is picturesque and substantial. Paint the Pain until the art reflects expressions only from the instincts of your soul.

Like the spring that taught me to bloom and be beauteous, 'It's Show Time!'

With the blooming confidence, chaotic thoughts, ambitious 'tude, kaleidoscopic soul and a peaceful smile, I took my last train!