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Francesca Sangiovanni

Francesca was born and raised in what she considers to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, southern Italy, or, to be more specific, the Cilento region. Given her strong passion for languages and her already strong desire to travel, she decided to attend a language high school where she learned English, Spanish, and French. After finishing her studies, her thirst for change and adventure increased to the point that she decided to leave her homeland and embark on a new educational path in Germany.

There, after learning German and working for an international company, she began her university studies in social sciences and intercultural relations. During these years as a student in a highly international environment, Francesca learned a great deal, not only about her studies but in general about life and herself. After completing an internship with Turkey's prominent and oldest non-governmental human rights organization—an experience that held great significance for her on multiple levels—Francesca gained clarity about her aspirations. Currently pursuing a master's degree in human rights, she harbors the hope of evolving into a researcher in this intricate and crucial field.

A philanthropist by spirit, Francesca is very active politically and socially. In 2020, she co-founded the non-governmental association „Longobardia Minorae“, whose aim is to enhance the Cilento region with its culinary culture and traditions. Her task in the association is to plan tourist tours in cooperation with local and slow-food brand companies—and therefore entirely sustainable—that allow those interested to experience the Cilento in a way that best reflects the region's lifestyle. At the same time, she is president of the student council and an elected member of both the faculty council and the student committee.

In addition to languages, she has a strong passion for politics, art, and travel. When she gets the chance, she packs her bags and sets off to discover new places and cultures. She particularly loves visiting museums and getting lost among the works of art around her, discovering hidden places, spending afternoons in small, cozy local cafés, reading a book, or writing some reflections. She is a lover of the sea, to which she feels strongly attached, and devotes her free time to her beloved friends, cooking, reading, and watching films or documentaries. She also considers it important to dedicate a few minutes of her day to meditation and, of course, to writing, whether in the form of personal reflections or informative articles, which she then shares on this platform.

Wanting to describe her character, Francesca is curious, talkative, and fascinated by the various personalities she meets by chance—or not. With them, she loves to discuss important topics such as philosophy, politics, and history. She particularly appreciates constructive debates and always tries to avoid small talk and gossip, as she considers them futile. Intrigued by the fact that she cannot have the answer to everything, she is drawn to the realms of spirituality and mysticism. There is no day when she does not listen to music or does not get lost in her own world!

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