Francesca Sangiovanni
Joined WSI in October 2021
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Francesca Sangiovanni

Born and raised in Italy, after graduating from a linguistic high school, Francesca decided to move to Germany to embark on a new experience abroad. There, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences for intercultural relations and continuing with the study of languages, which she has always been passionate about. Philanthropic in spirit, she is very active politically and socially – and in networks of national and international relevance, such as the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) and the non-governmental organization 'Longobardia Minorae'.

Alongside languages, she is deeply passionate about politics, art and travelling. Whenever possible, she packs her bags and sets off to discover new places and cultures. She loves visiting museums and getting lost in the artworks that surround her, discovering hidden places and spending afternoons in small and cozy local cafés, reading a book, or writing down some reflections.

She is always fascinated by the various personalities she meets by chance… or not – and with them, she loves to discuss important topics such as philosophy, politics and history. She particularly appreciates and treasures constructive debates, and always tries to avoid small talk and gossip as she considers them futile. Quite intrigued by the fact that she cannot have the answers to everything, she is attracted to the world of spirituality and mysticism. There is no day when she does not listen to music… or does not get lost in her own world!

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