The exhibition Tempus Ritualis combines two contradictory terms. The word Tempus refers to the current time, a moment in the present, whereas rituals can only emerge through continuous repetition of specific cultural practices, accordingly placing them in the past. Using artistic methods, Tempus Ritualis – for its part – intends to explore and present new ritual forms in the making. The combination of these two concepts demonstrates a curiosity about the nature of the present and its potential to create new continuities: What characterises our time and what type of collective rituals are emerging in a time of crisis?

Greek society has changed rapidly since 2009. However, despite the crisis, are new developments happening on social micro levels? In the arts community, for example, to what extent can we see stronger social cohesion, a more continuous dialogue, and a friendlier atmosphere? Community of crisis, sharing communities, production of locality, or even friendship – what types of new definitions for these concepts can be detected?

Tempus Ritualis collects forms of knowledge and imagination. This involves visual material that will be able to serve in future as documentation of a historical moment and may later be used as the basis for reopening issues of memory. In addition, the project examines methods of archiving contemporary and historical knowledge and their relationship with the artwork, collective forms, and with the mechanisms for production of identity.

The project combines perspectives from within Greece, abroad, and the diaspora through different artists who are developing new works that are brought together in a dialogue.

The project was initiated by Christina Dimitriadis, Evanthia Tsantila, and Christine Nippe. The close relationship that artists Christina Dimitriadis and Evanthia Tsantila have to Greece and Germany as well as their intensive work in both countries allows for an in-depth exploration of the two different contexts through artistic work. Christine Nippe, an anthropologist and art historian with extensive experience in conceptualizing, organising and curating exhibitions enriches the group’s interdisciplinary qualities.