Elisa Contemporary Art is proud to present Structured Spaces featuring four contemporary artists exploring strong lines, geometric shapes and bold color to create architecturally driven worlds. From the simplistic to the acutely detailed, our artists create internal spaces and external worlds that invite the viewer in to explore, discover, walk and wander. The exhibit opens April 26th.

The everyday scenes of Marfa artist, Martha Hughes debuting for the first time with Elisa Contemporary Art, are familiar, yet filled with unusual perspectives and strong colors. The spaces are defined with walls, halls and windows, yet simultaneously ambiguous, slightly unsettling and altogether new. Martha starts each piece in Adobe Illustrator to explore shapes and colors before continuing her final exploration in paint.

Hawaii artist, Jason Wright contrasts the soft lines of the sky against the hard lines of the earth to create his complex perspectives. The results are startlingly haunting skylines and dream-like landscapes. These pared down images are portrayed in a graphic style with precise shapes, bold lines and intense colors. Layer by layer using a palette knife, he provides just enough detail in his play on the theory of shelter and landscapes.

Turkish artist, Yasemin Kackar-Demirel explores the rise and fall of places. She juxtaposes nature with urban environments, carefully shifting between abstraction and representation. Her worlds are created through fragmentation and connection – the reconstruction of places and buildings, while simultaneously destroying them.

Colombian artist, Alexis Duque creates architecturally detailed drawings inspired by real skyscrapers including the Chrysler Building, Empire State, Flatiron and other landmarks to build his fantastic buildings, cities and metropolises. Working from hundreds of photographs, Alexis details each element of these majestic edifices. The result is cities where structures are idealized and transcendent beauty is worn on the exterior of each edifice.

The featured artists in Structured Spaces are: Alexis Duque, Martha Hughes, Yasemin Kackar Demirel, Jason Wright