The Director of Rimonim Art Gallery is pleased to announce “Spring 2014 at Rimonim”, a group exhibition featuring drawings by Omar Arraez, paintings by Yoel Diaz Galvez and Boun (Jean-Luc Virard) and bronze sculptures by Beatriz Gerenstein. The exhibition will be open from April 10th to May 1st . The inauguration will be held Thursday April 10th from 6 to 9:30 pm.

The exhibition presents a dialogue between the almost monochrome works by Arraez and Diaz Galvez and the delicate but colorful paintings by Bum. Gerenstein’s sculptures stand out balancing the dialogue with her use of subtle color patinas on her bronze sculptures.

Spaniard painter Omar Arraez will be present with one of his impressive portraits, made with charcoal on wrinkled paper. Arraez explores the emotion of the human faces with his unique and personal technique that continues to fascinate the viewers.

Argentine-born sculptor Beatriz Gerenstein offers intimate look at her unique and acclaimed bronze sculptures. Gerenstein endows her pieces with a message that recalls deep emotional responses from the viewer. Her work is influenced by her reflections and personal experiences with deep social content, leading to a humanistic view of reality. The unknowns of being, the desire to be loved, are exposed, thought to enrich life. These problems with the troubled relationship between culture, man and nature are some of the recurring Gerenstein’s themes.

Cuban artist Yoel Diaz Galvez is present in the exhibition with two of his almost monochrome paintings depicting hyperrealist bodies. Diaz Galvez believes it is our essence, or spirit, that defines who we really are. However, it is with our miraculous bodies, "passionate instruments with never-ending fountains of movement and character," that our spirit finds its way.

Boun (Jean Luc Virard) Boun is a Sino-Vietnamese painter that lives in France and spends long periods in China. Movements, fragrances and tastes are evoked in us by the dripping colors, and brushstrokes of the artist. Just as our senses move us, what we perceive in art motivates us, bringing back emotions from buried memories.

Rimonim Art Gallery was established in Miami, Florida in 2009. The gallery focus has been to provide a platform for contemporary American and International artists in an effort to promote art with a positive message, thus inspiring friendship, tolerance, and respect for all. Rimonim Art gallery has an extensive repertoire of exhibits at its Gallery in Miami and actively participates in art fairs throughout the United States, as well as in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul.

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