Waltman Ortega Fine Art invites you to "Reach for the Moon," a solo exhibition of recent works by French artistic duo ©®. Comprised of works exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and new paintings created for their exhibition in Miami. The show opened for public on March 8 and remains on view through April 30.

The artists, Christian Volckman © and Raphaël Thierry ® paint in an active dialogue. Collaborating for the past several years under the name ©®, Christian and Raphaël began their partnership with the umbrella project called "Flow" in 2008. The project consists of three phases: "Hunt" (2008), "Food" (2011) and "Moon" (2013). At the beginning of each phase, the artists create an animated movie, in which one picks up where the other one leaves off (the "cadavre exquis" method).

The idea of a single point of view created by two independent minds is the visual goal of Volckman and Thierry's artistic process. "For us, the action of painting uses all senses, your mind as well. Our work captures the moments when we find ideas during the active process. That is the main point of it all... Nothing is premeditated, it is fresh and we are free to approach the subject how we want", state ©®.

The "Moon" explores the many facets of Earth's mysterious satellite and man's fascination and struggle to understand it. Viewed through the lens of black & white cinematography translated into ©®'s paintings, we encounter the unknown.

Check out a video of the live performance by C&R: http://vimeo.com/86723332