For its inaugural exhibition, Galerie du Forez, the contemporary art affiliate of the design-e-space gallery, presents: Mira Kliger – "The Longing Body"

In her first Paris solo exhibition, the British/Israeli artist Mira Kliger, is exhibiting a selection of life drawings and oil paintings. Entitled “The Longing Body”, the exhibition at the Galerie du Forez in Paris' Marais neighborhood showcases a selection of the artist’s drawings of male and female nudes, as well as a few oil paintings, which also deal with the subject of longing, of yearning.

Known for her oil portraits and narrative compositions (including a recent series based on themes from the Old Testament), Kliger is however dedicated to drawing, to the pure, “naked” line, impossible to imitate or fake. "Drawing is like the human voice singing without the orchestra accompaniment” says the artist.

The 15 drawings on show, selected from hundreds, are testament to the power of the line, its amazing ability to create form and depth, to mimic life and to bring out its deeper meanings. Working in charcoal, pencil, conte and acrylic, Kliger creates life nudes and dreams scenes, often on the same canvas.

The tribute to William Kentridge is an example of such compositions: the nude lies on her back on a large bed, while the dream – a young and well-toned male angel, a knight on a horse, or a curious procession of small conte figurines – walks on by, over her.

The dreamy, lyrical note is present throughout the exhibition. In a series of oil paintings entitled “Quick Sands” the square canvas depicts shells on the sand, or a woman’s breast covered by swirling sand. The movement is quite dizzying and the viewer is uncertain as to whether the nipple is just about to be completely covered by sand, or revealed. “When a woman is physically ill or depressed, it is the femininity that will leave her first” offers Kliger when queried about the inspiration for “Quick Sands”. “Then the rest of her will disappear”.

Mira Kliger works in England and Israel. She graduated from the prestigious Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. She illustrated for the national newspaper Ha'aretz and for the At women's magazine published by Ma'ariv. In London, she built a succesful career in advertising and design with a major advertising agency, working for clients surch as L'Oreal. She also created and illustrated "Leonardo's Studio", a pop-up book for the National Gallery.

Mira has exhibited in a number of individual and group shows in the UK and abroad.

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Paris 75003 France

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