Chicago-born Victoria Bell explores her personal language of line, space, and mass through sculpture and painting. Constantly conveying new points of view and stimulating perspectives, Bell’s works are a cosmos of living beings, events and time turned up again.

I’ve always made works on paper concurrently with my sculpture. In painting, I do what I can’t in sculpture, paint the color I feel. I also find that I can tell stories more easily. I develop an overlay of images and deliberately add spatial and temporal contradictions, conflating time and perspective.

(Victoria Bell)

Victoria Bell has studios in Cologne, Germany, and Moriarty, New Mexico, and her work is in numerous National and international collections including Kolumba Museum of Art, Cologne, Germany; Stadt Wesel, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Collection Doberman, Normandy, France; and the Finanzamt in Duisburg-West, Duisburg, Germany.