Ravaged and torn by the navigation of existence, to blend even if the mixture is sour, to submit, even if the domineering are cowards. To smile at the synthetic souls in their lazy river. A thick consistency that feels like plastic and is tasteless. It’s the most dangerous flow.

The gravitational pull has no mercy. It is futile to succumb if fear grapples at the throat. Worry about suffocating from isolation. To die in the absence of those who cast you away. To fend for sanity in a deserted landscape. It’s not as ominous as it appears. Accepting the flow of a particular society and its consequences will strip you of your individuality.

A choice must be made. Whether to hold on to your individuality or to adopt one that is influenced by the powerful majority. A group that doesn’t take your sensibilities, your wants, your hopes, and your dreams into any consideration. The flow is directed by the will of vocal leaders and their might to manipulate their agenda. A plan that is laced by the typified culture of a given environment.

Opinionated resistance is met with a force to discredit and demonize. Not face-to-face since it creates a disturbance in the flow. Negativity and tension are perceived as unwelcomed awkwardness. As opposed to being regarded as an invitation for growth. The flow does not evolve, but it does expand its membership. The purpose is to compile rather than build. Meaning quantity over quality. There is no immediate initiative to improve the quality of the flow, as it is all based on the material.

Superficiality governs the principles of the flow and everyone is aware of what they can consume from it. They are permitted to eat anything they want, however they desire it, and as much as they can digest, just as long as they are submissive to the conditions. Those being, as previously stated, anything that disrupts the flow’s harmony. No tension leading to discomfort, no stress that’s too deep, no chatter that’s too philosophical, everything remaining above the shallow surface.

The absurd desire of the porters of the flow to form a collective identity goes against nature. Believers in God know that everyone is unique based on their fingerprints. Since every person is created with a unique set of fingerprints, permission to express their individualism should not be regarded as strange. There’s room for nuance. Individuals can toggle between acknowledging and accepting the flow while also preserving their individuality. But that comes at a cost. The amount of energy expended will result in fatigue. Sooner rather than later, a realization will emerge that it is less taxing to pick a side.

We are surrounded by options and the liberty to choose. We can opt to be mad or sane, to be joyful or saddened, to be productive or lazy. The dualities won’t be ignored. It also applies when it concerns the choice between bowing to the flow or standing your ground to embrace your individuality. For you to be confident in the decision, it is important to identify what you want. Beyond the distractions and the influences, there is a sandbox for you to uncover and understand what you want. It won’t be a constant, nor should it be, since you are willing to evolve. With time and experience, those desires will change.

There is an imperative need to know what you want. Once you’ve reached a preliminary understanding, you will find comfort. A true comfort within yourself, free of any material or superficial desires. You would possess the strength to withstand the gravitational pull of that flow. And form a sphere of influence that is attracted by those who seek guidance and an alternative to that lazy river.

Once the understanding is solidified, there is room to love. Not just others, but yourself. And love will fill you with respect for everything that has been created for your privilege and pleasure. And when respect is cemented, there will be a room with a door slightly left ajar. Just enough for you to peer into it. That’s where your peace has been living. The choice is yours to enter or to slam that door shut.