The agenda, brutal and relentless, has spread across the planet. Masking its true intentions under the smokescreen of "freedom," "democracy," "human rights," and "self-preservation" is now seen by many as banal. Even with their most indoctrinating propaganda, the United States and its minions are sinking. Their unpopularity with the rational, enlightened, aware, and moral has surged. Protests and new media have fueled the fury of those seeking justice. We are in a war between those who would kill for profit and those fighting to be free from established powers.

To transition from the mindset of "money rules the world" to "let us build a global path for peace." Let us all go where the evening still salutes the peaceful sky and be moderate. Let us be sustainable in speech, constructive in thought, and motivated in action. Let us use the remnants of our collective will, the stimulation of our brainpower, and the might of our desires to move beyond dollars and cents. To build for growth and sustain in the face of hardship, all with the hope of healing from the wreckage that greed has dumped on our skin. In the genuine sentiment of rejoicing, we are alive on a planet designed for us to breathe—an appreciation often overlooked due to cosmetic and superficial distractions.

Governed by idolizing capitalism and monitored by those wishing to preserve the status quo. It’s an antiquated landscape that is decaying. Ignorance is the poison, laminated over with a thick layer labeled as bliss. Its core is choking on the fumes of exhausted energy—a burden we all bear with the dangling carrot, a promise that money will rejuvenate our spirits. Yet, it doesn't liberate us from the mechanism. The only path is to fight for peace, to be liberated from the chokehold strangling our "esprit de vivre." It's challenging because there is no plan, no leadership to guide our hand, no trust to extend, no love, no respect, no dignity—nothing presented to anyone except currency.

"Dollars and cents" form the foundation of the game, but it has waned in popularity. This is a call to those who want to trust despite the injustices, who want peace to resolve conflicts, and who desire love and respect for each other. Only unity through collective understanding offers a chance to create an alternative to this grotesque reality. Methods are welcomed, but the intention needs to be firmly present.

Without the will, we are destined to remain in quicksand, numb on a conveyor rotating season by season, breathing advertising billboards as murder for profit persists. If we collectively agree that nothing can be done, then so be it. If you're not affected by the fact that it would take 27 years of your life to attend the funerals of all the children murdered in Palestine since October, then I must ask you to refrain from existing. It's a harsh sentiment—a fair retaliation mirroring the brutality. But all the phrases above are cute words—the expressions of an angry and confused man. It's my refusal to surrender that compels my pen. What are you struggling to surrender?

I do not ask you to succumb to my anger. I urge you to listen to yours. To find the words that best describe how you are feeling. Dig as deep as you can, since it would be a horrible waste to limit yourself. Explore the possibility that perhaps you are headed in an unsatisfying direction. Offer your fragile ego and vulnerable sensibilities to heal from the shock. That even if you are going the wrong way, at least you know where you need not journey. Accept that the less travelled road is more rewarding. The more satisfying amongst all the boulevards that you’ve frequented. It is time to clearly define what you want and what you can no longer tolerate.