A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce Acrylics: Hidden Sculptural Art, an immersive exhibition and book created by Creative Director and multidisciplinary artist Icecold. Across sculptural, editorial, and sonic storytelling, Icecold intimately dives into the complex world of nail art, revealing the intricate sculptural artistry that defines this unique medium.

Acrylics are a surreal interpretation of the manicure experience, as hands covered in “nail polish” protrude from the walls of the gallery to weave together the narratives of various nail artists, each showcasing their voices and creative perspectives through nail expressions. With a twist on a familiar and nostalgic experience, exhibition viewers enter into the Acrylics salon for one unforgettable nail appointment.

Icecold’s own creative vision permeates the Acrylics installation, as she crafts a complete 360o experience for viewers. She showcases her talents through the detailed design and curation of the exhibition, and the intimate writing and creative development of the companion coffee table book Acrylics. Through captivating visuals and storytelling, the Acrylics book highlights the dynamic history of nail art, diving into diverse global origins, its intricate evolution in American history, and the creative foundations defined by Asian immigrants and Black Americans that have led to international participation and artistic expressions we see in nail art today.

It is within the present-day nail tales that Icecold brings readers into the world of the nail artists included in the exhibition to share their creative processes and personas. Adding further dimension to the multi-disciplinary project, Icecold produces Red, Please, a sonic experience carefully composed to capture the essence of each story within the book and to take exhibition viewers on an auditory journey with the displayed nail art.

Thirty-five percent of all book sales will go to the featured nail artists and production personnel.

Featured artists include Stephanie Aoko, Lesly Arrañaga, Alexis Auer, Jalen Dominique, Parvee Perry, Melissa Samuel, Sky Somalia, Momoka Takahashi, Marbles Valdez, and Aja Walton

Icecold is a maestro of creativity. With a diverse skill set spanning various mediums, Icecold rejects conventional boundaries. She uses a unique blend of talents to orchestrate immersive experiences that bring audiences on an intimate journey through her lens. With her art, she hopes to inspire others to explore and launch their ideas.