Johansson Projects presents Minted, Tinted, a three-person exhibition featuring works from Nimah Gobir, Dana Robinson, and Sheena Rose. Opening during Black History Month, this compelling show unfolds unique narratives of healing and empowerment. Challenging stereotypes through vivid color, pattern, and anecdote, the work in Minted, Tinted uplifts the distinctive expressive styles of these artists while delving into how Black women lead fulfilling lives that extend beyond narratives solely centered on trauma or pain.

Dana Robinson‘s work is a testament to the healing power of abstraction. Her “Ebony Reprinted” series is created from images in Ebony magazine, which has historically highlighted Black entertainment and frivolity. By intentionally smearing, pressing, and blotting reproductions of the magazine’s advertisements, Robinson skillfully erases exploitative visual language. The unpredictable results of her monoprints embrace both experimentation and imperfection, presenting morphed subjects that reclaim their agency, liberated from the extractive gaze.

Bay Area artist, Nimah Gobir, delves into the intricacies of her Black identity in a profound narrative woven from her family’s memories. Gobir’s paintings, enriched with expressive brushwork, hand-stitched embroidery, and household textiles, encapsulate the tenderness and power inherent in personal and familial histories. Her deliberate use of repetitive patterns mirrors the banality yet unique significance of homes, relationships, and memory.

Hailing from the Caribbean and inspired by Black women in sports, Sheena Rose‘s work celebrates confidence through her bold painting style. Beyond stereotypes and competitors’ physical prowess, Rose captures exuberant expressions of belonging across athletic platforms and social strata. Characterized by flat, vivid palettes and patterns, Rose’s fearless figures tell heroic stories that command attention. Her empowering work explores recreation and athleticism and emphasizes camaraderie and connectedness.