We are delighted to begin the new year, with an eclectic exhibition of artworks that depict Flora and Fauna. This group exhibition brings together artists working across photography and mixed media. Artworks, old and new.

The exhibition includes two petite, monochromatic digital photograms, from Elaine Duignan’s celebrated Blossfeldt’s Apprentice. Being shown for the first time, is an exquisite photo-collage of a succulent on gesso board, by Alysia Macaulay. There are several artworks that utilize the genre of still-life. Kimberly Witham’s homage to the Dutch Vanitas are small-scale photographs incorporating mortality, flowers and mischevous dogs. These are juxtaposed with a larger-scale table-top still-life by Kelda Van Patten—incorporating real objects, facsimiles and digital intervention.

Hand-pulled cyanotypes by Dora Somosi include a deep-blue still-life of a leaf, as well as one of the artworks from her popular By Her Side series. Brought out from the archive, is a wonderful photograph by Tessa Bunney, documenting farming in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Rounding out the show, are two mixed media pieces by Holly Roberts; one piece featuring a repeating motif in her work—a horse.