Artspace Warehouse, a distinguished contemporary art gallery in the heart of Los Angeles, is thrilled to present Fruits of Water and Air, an extraordinary exhibition featuring a collective of accomplished artists whose works transcend conventional boundaries.

Guided by intuition and a masterful layering technique, Vé Boisvert's mesmerizing artworks emanate positive energy, having garnered international acclaim featured in publications such as House and Garden (England) and Le Soleil (Quebec). Joining Boisvert in this showcase are Julie Naima, Ivana Milosevic, Bettina Mauel, and Paul Kirley, each contributing a unique and experimental perspective to the collection.

Naima invites viewers into a playful imaginary world, Milosevic captures the idiosyncratic moods of urban landscapes, Mauel infuses dynamism and sensuality into her works, and Kirley seamlessly blends paint and photographic compositions, creating motion-filled dreamscapes. Fruits of Water and Air invites patrons to explore the diverse artistic expressions that emanate from the theme of fluidity and vitality, evoking reflections on the ever-changing and interconnected nature of the elements that inspire these visionary artists.

Vé Boisvert, guided by intuition and employing a masterful layering technique of vibrant hues, crafts mesmerizing artworks exuding positive energy. Her creative process, fueled by resilience, enables her to translate profound emotions onto canvases with unparalleled grace. Boisvert's artistry has graced the pages of prestigious publications like House and Garden (England) and Le Soleil (Quebec). Featured in articles by Radio-Canada, her captivating creations have garnered international recognition. In 2015, Vé Boisvert received the esteemed "Récipiendaire de la bourse Aide aux expositions" award from the Ontario Arts Council in Toronto, a testament to her artistic excellence.

Julie Naima's practice is characterized by experimentation, drawing inspiration from magical places worldwide, real and fable. Infused with good intentions and positive emotions, her canvases offer glimpses into a playful imaginary world. Naima invites viewers to connect emotionally with her paintings, fostering a dialogue about hope and happiness. Her works reside in private collections across Canada, Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Ivana Milosevic, born in Belgrade, Serbia, and holding a master's degree in Architecture, brings a unique perspective to her cityscape paintings. Using palette knives and brushes, she creates depth and texture, incorporating small human figures for familiarity and vibrancy. Milosevic's artworks capture the idiosyncratic moods of urban landscapes, accentuated by her choice of colors, revealing the dynamic spaces she envisions.

Bettina Mauel, born in Wuppertal, Germany, infuses dynamism and sensuality into her paintings. Exploring the theme of perception and impermanence, she captures the fleeting movements of our ever-changing world. Mauel's brightly colored artworks reveal her sensitivity to movement, even incorporating the viewer's eye movement into her pictorial conception. The act of painting remains visible in her expressive works.

Paul Kirley, born into a family of architects, designers, and artists in Massachusetts, creates art that harmoniously blends paint and photographic compositions on a single picture plane. Transporting viewers to motion-filled dreamscapes, Kirley's pieces convey human emotions through the physicality of paint juxtaposed with the clarity and formality of photographic elements. An exhibiting member of the Arts Guild of Sonoma, Kirley regularly contributes to the Venice Artwalk, showcasing his commitment to artistic exploration and expression.