Artplex Gallery, a bastion of contemporary artistic expression in Los Angeles, is delighted to unveil its latest exhibition, Industrial Rhythm. This cutting-edge showcase pushes against conventional boundaries, presenting a carefully curated collection of works that resonate with the pulse of unconventional perspectives. Esteemed artists Amadou Opa Bathily, D’Arcy Bellamy, and Jacob Burmood converge in this thought-provoking exhibition, each offering a distinctive viewpoint that transcends traditional notions of medium.

Raw urbanity is captured in unapologetically stark strokes, a testament to modern grit, and each piece pulsates with metaphorical rhythms, creating a symphony of thought and expression. The gallery invites patrons to immerse themselves in an exploration of diverse mediums, from Bathily's mastery of rigid and flexible materials to Bellamy's kinetic steel pipe sculptures and Burmood's harmonious abstractions inspired by the natural world. Industrial Rhythm serves as a testament to Artplex Gallery's commitment to fostering dialogue and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art beyond the ordinary, creating a space that welcomes both seasoned art enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

Amadou Opa Bathily, born in Bamako in 1987, is a distinguished artist with a rich educational background, having graduated from the National Institute of Arts (INA) and the Balla Fasséké Kouyaté Multimedia Arts and Crafts Conservatory in Bamako. His artistic journey commenced at a young age in an art recycling workshop, Atelier Miria, where he experimented with various materials, notably metal (can lids).

Through his diverse experiences in different art schools, Bathily developed a unique perspective on hard materials such as metal, fabric, and leather. His art is marked by the fusion of energy in creation and extraordinary mastery of both rigid and flexible materials, emphasizing the harmony between the artist and the material. Bathily's participation in group exhibitions in Mali and Tunisia, including the "Art de la lumière" exhibition, reflects his prominence in the art world. He is an integral part of the Kôrè-qualité II art development program and a laureate of the National City Talent Competition in 2017, showcasing his commitment to artistic excellence across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, and more.

With a remarkable career spanning two decades and the creation of over 250 large sculpture pieces, D’Arcy Bellamy stands as a seasoned metal sculptor renowned for his human-scale, abstract, minimalist, and often kinetic sculptures crafted exclusively from steel pipe. Characterized by flowing lines, strong negative space, originality, movement, and shadows, Bellamy's work exudes a rough, unrefined, spontaneous, and playful nature that elicits smiles from viewers.

A self-taught artist, Bellamy embarked on his artistic journey in 2002 at The Creative Arts Center in Dallas, discovering his medium in steel pipe. Despite earning an MBA and enjoying a successful career in sales and design, Bellamy's passion for sculpture has endured, leading to exhibitions in galleries across Boise, Dallas, and Artplex Gallery Los Angeles. His unique process of subtractive fabrication sets him apart, as he carves space and line from each length of pipe, releasing the stored energy within. Bellamy's original sculptures, exhibited nationally, showcase his evolving refinement and consistency in delivering engaging and varied creations.

Jacob Burmood, a sculptor with a BFA from Missouri State University and an MFA from the University of Kansas, has been professionally shaping his artistic vision since 1999. Rooted in Springfield, Missouri, Burmood draws inspiration from the natural world, especially his childhood experiences along a creek. His works, created for exhibitions, commissions, and public art competitions, reflect an abstraction of the fluid nature of the universe. The underlying order in his sculptures converges elements into a unified whole, mirroring the harmony found in natural complexities.

Burmood, currently residing and working in Kansas City, Kansas, continues his artistic endeavors in ceramics and sculpture while contributing to the Sculpture and Metals program at Johnson County Community College. His deep connection to the interwoven complexities of the universe shines through in each work, capturing the essence of simplicity and harmony.