A decade, a project, and a dream. Ten years ago, Piero Atchugarry, a young man, too young for such grand dreams, began outlining the program for a gallery dedicated to contemporary art. With a background in Economics and the desire to create his own space, he aimed to develop an artist program that encompassed his passion for sculpture, as well as the growing interest in conceptual art, painting, sensitive abstraction, and constructive geometry.

I never thought of becoming an artist. I studied Economics in London and later joined the Modern and Contemporary Art program at Christie’s in New York, which equipped me with the precise tools to tackle an activity with two well-defined facets: management/efficiency in business administration, and vision in choosing a course of action, a ‘personality’ as a gallerist and gallery

(Piero Atchugaryy)

Piero Atchugarry had his “flash of inspiration” when he realized he needed to start in Uruguay. His homeland, the land of his ancestors, where the Atchugarry name, in various fields, from art and politics to science, created a tradition of quality and a way of doing things. Piero continued his journey with a compass pointed toward the artists who would form the vanguard of his gallery.

At the same time, he launched a residency program in Tierra Garzón. Tierra Garzón was the starting point for establishing Pueblo Garzón, where Piero Atchugarry opened his first gallery. From his first steps on Uruguayan soil, he projected himself to the world with his presence in international fairs such as ARCO in Madrid, Art Basel Miami Beach, Pinta PARC, Dallas Art Fair, ArtRio, ARPA, and SP Arte. In December 2018, he expanded his horizon and opened a gallery in Miami, renovating a huge 9,000-square-foot Warehouse in the heart of the Design District—an area in full expansion for the development of an art, design, and fashion market. Why Miami? Atchugarry’s response is immediate:

Because I think of a destination as a space for development. I always ask myself first what I can do for Miami, before thinking what Miami will do for me. This starting point is stimulating for everyone, artists, clients, and my team.

Piero Atchugarry understood that it was “the place to be”. The gallery presently represents artists hailing from a remarkable 13 diverse countries, underscoring its commitment to international growth. These artists who helped define the gallery’s aesthetic will be exhibited together for the first time on December 3rd for the opening celebration of the Piero Atchugarry Gallery: 10 Years exhibition. Moreover, Piero Atchugarry Gallery is currently preparing to exhibit the late conceptual artist, Nelson Ramos’ works at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach.