Garvey|Simon and Sarah Crown are proud to present "Liminal Landscapes," a 3-person, site-responsive exhibition that explores the concept of liminality through a diverse range of artworks. This exhibition delves into the transitional, in-between spaces and moments that emerge between the representation of actual landscapes and the exploration of the artists' inner worlds. The exhibition will feature a curated selection of artworks that capture the essence of transient landscapes, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, past and future, presence and absence.

Elisa Bertaglia (b. 1989, Italy) investigates the themes of threshold and transition, often geographical, emotional, and physical at the same time. Her works celebrate the transient and fleeting aspects of existence, highlighting the inherent beauty that lies in the moment of impermanence and standing on the precipice of change.

David Syre (b. 1940, United States) is heavily influenced by nature, indigenous civilizations, and spiritual practices. He is captivated by the ancient wisdom that is at the core of these cultures and the primordial connection between them and the land. Painting and drawing in a gestural manner, often inspired by meditative practice, he explores places of his subconscious combined with the role of knowledge and memory.

Alice Yaelin Yang (b. 1986, Seoul) explores the transitional space between humans, nature, and herself. Standing between a light source, like a window, and the canvas, she traces her own shadow and develops imaginary and quite surreal landscapes that challenge the conventional perception of reality.

"Liminal Landscapes" aims to offer a thought-provoking experience that resonates with visitors on a personal level while encouraging them to embrace the transformative potential of liminal spaces. This exhibition will not only showcase the innovative work of contemporary artists but also inspire viewers to navigate the transitional moments with a sense of curiosity and wonder.