Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition with Seattle painter Brian Sanchez.

The color field paintings in Being convey an oscillating gracefulness through robust, striking juxtapositions of color across thin bands and expansive geometry. Sanchez’s freehand linework creates an uncanny interplay between mechanical precision and emotive resonance. Bold pigments brush against each other without any genuine reference point in the natural world.

Sanchez attempts to declutter the noise of contemporary culture through forms that resonate as a reaction to—and yet also an extension of — the constantly shifting, frenetic pace of the human condition. Sanchez reorients this noise into sublime, electric compositions, flattening the dichotomy between calming quietude and vibrant stimulation.

Brian Sanchez lives and works in Seattle, WA. He has completed numerous public installations and murals and has additionally worked in sculpture, photography, and design. His work has been exhibited in Seattle, Portland, Virginia, Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Tokyo.