In 2016, Pep Guardiola joined Manchester City, bringing a promise of success and a unique way of playing. Fast forward to today, and there's a question hanging over the Etihad Stadium: Is it time for a change? Guardiola's time with Manchester City has been a mix of good times and breaking records.

He turned the team into a winner, easily winning the Premier League title. But now, with City in fourth place, some people are wondering if things need to change. Hints from a journalist close to Guardiola suggest he might leave in 2025.

Recent games in the Premier League have been a bit of a wake-up call. Losing to Newcastle FC in the Carabao Cup, where City usually does well, has raised worries. Even though the team is doing okay in the Champions League, there's concern about how they're doing in their local games. People used to be really sure about City's performance, but now some are wondering if it's time for a change.

Now, some people are doubting motivation, which can be less after City won everything last year. Guardiola brought a lot of success, but with the new season, there's a feeling the team might be losing some of that motivation. Is it time for a new coach and a fresh way of thinking to bring back the excitement for success? This question is on the minds of fans alike.

Finding a new manager isn't easy, especially when replacing someone as big as Guardiola. His impact goes beyond just tactics; he shaped how Manchester City works. Roberto De Zerbi is one name that has come up. The Italian did well at Brighton recently, and his way of playing fits City's. But people wonder if he has enough experience for such a big job.

Vincent Kompany's name has also come up as a possible City boss. His history with the club makes people think he could be a good fit. But with his struggles at Burnley this season, some think it might be too early in his coaching career for a big club like Manchester City.

Mikel Arteta was once seen as a possible next coach after Guardiola, but now he's leading Arsenal, another top team. The list of coaches good enough to replace Guardiola is small. City, though, needs to start thinking about alternatives now.

As talks about change pick up speed, the football world waits to see what happens. The team's recent games and hints of Guardiola leaving make people wonder: Is it time for a change? Balancing Guardiola's good things with how football keeps changing is the key.

The possible new coaches mentioned—Roberto De Zerbi, Vincent Kompany, and Mikel Arteta—all could bring different good things.

In conclusion, as the season goes on, the world watches to see if a new chapter is coming for Manchester City. The next coach inherits not just a team but a legacy shaped by one of the greatest football minds. As one era closes, the anticipation of what's next adds intrigue to the story of Pep and Manchester City. The end of the season will be the test, revealing if the results match the club's high expectations.

Amidst these uncertainties, the loyal fanbase remains hopeful for a resurgence. The journey ahead, whether it involves sticking with Guardiola or embracing a new era under a different manager, adds an extra layer of suspense to the unfolding drama at the Etihad Stadium. Only time will tell if change is indeed the necessary catalyst for Manchester City's continued success on the football stage.

As the football world speculates, the Etihad's fate hangs in the balance. Whether Guardiola stays or a new leader emerges, the City faithful eagerly anticipates the unfolding saga, hoping for a bright future that matches the glorious history scripted under Guardiola's tenure.