VLAB is pleased to present the exclusive presentation “Una Historia en Palabras Nunca Dichas” (“A Story in Untold Words”) featuring new works by Jenya Datsko that have never been shown before in an exhibition. The presentation features a series of 10 paintings that capture the female experience through the intimate gaze of women and their universe.

Jenya Datsko is a Russian-born painter (b. 1991) based in Valencia, Spain. Datsko studied art and illustration at the Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología ESAT and the GAIA Centro de Estudios de Arte in Valencia. The female figures, immersed in their inner world, reveal moments of loneliness and introspection, as well as a wide range of emotions such as love, nostalgia, or melancholy, without pronouncing a single word, inviting the viewer to discover their untold stories.

"The beauty of an image can be as intense as the loneliness it expresses," said the famous Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky, who throughout his film career explored the relationship between aesthetics and human existence. This same relationship is present in the work of artist Jenya Datsko whose paintings capture moments of loneliness and melancholy that radiate a mysterious and fascinating beauty. Through the use of a soft color palette and the recurring presence of female figures in everyday spaces, Datsko invites the viewer to reflect on human nature and the complexity of emotions.

The poetic aspect of her work is influenced to some extent by the realist and symbolist tradition of Russian painting and literature, where the relationship between the beauty of nature and everyday life is explored, as well as the emotional expression and psychological depth of the individuals portrayed. In this sense, Jenya Datsko's painting explores universal themes such as loneliness, sadness, or hope, and in her paintings, we can discover how her characters seem to be dealing with such emotions.

In this exhibition, these thoughtful women are immersed in the bustling streets, squares, the vibrant atmosphere of busy bars and restaurants, or simply alone amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This exhibition celebrates the complexity and richness of our inner life and leads us to reflect upon the importance of discovering our true identity and purpose.