Showing 12 international artists, gathered around the idea of the crowd and its movements, Venez Fruits Pressés explores how we react to the mass. Whether we escape it or whether we lead it to unexpected goals.

The shout of a man is coming from the street, you will be the first one to look through the window to understand what is happening. With indifference, she will pour some more wine in her glass. Others will be floating in between bodies and unconsciously follow the rhythm. I will be hiding myself afraid to be squeezed by the running ones.

One person, one walk.

Instincts, thoughts, reflexions, clues, the works displayed in the space present various manifestations of the crowd’s impact on ourselves. Protesting or smashed, escaping or isolated, singing or reduced to silent, climbing or frozen.

Bringing together video, photography, sculpture, painting and poetry, Venez Fruits Pressés speaks of social containment and exceeding boundaries.

Participating artists: Romain Jean Maurice Arnette, Joshua Bilton, Lilas Carpentier, Anne Destival, Alain Frentzel, Marco Godoy, Petra Kubisova, Caroline Laguerre, Alix Marie, Hannah Thual, Peter Watkins and Axel Wilhite.

La Manutention Gallery
109 rue Orfila
Paris 750 20 France
Ph. +33 (0)6 95749058

Opening hours
By appointment

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  1. Alix Marie, Golem, Inkjet print folded, 84 x 120 cm, 2014
  2. Joshua Bilton, Arche (diptych), Black and white fiber-based print, 65 x 88 cm, 2011
  3. Peter Watkins, Surface Tension, Two Photographs, 50 x 64 cm, 2013
  4. Romain Jean Maurice Arnette, musique : Jarod, Petite chatte, Video 2’11 min, 2013
  5. Petra Kubisova, Mirror in the grass, Video 4’09 min, 2013
  6. Marco Godoy, Claiming the echo, HD Video 16:9 5’25 min, 2013